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BPA Platform

Workflow & Approvals

Unlock company potential by accelerating approvals, authorisations and workflows

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Workflow & Approvals

BPA Platform provides you with a powerful and flexible workflow automation solution for managing and monitoring the flow of work within an organisation, ensuring that business rules are adhered to and administration is removed.

BPA Platform GUI -iPaaS with built in business process automation software

Workflow & Human Interaction

Whether your workflow process involves a single level or a multistage workflow authorisation process, our capability enables you to start small but scale quickly

No coding required

Simple drag and drop, point and click workflow editor. No coding required.

Fully responsive

Workflows that automatically comply with desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Multi-level workflow authorisations

Pre-configured groups of approvers that can be modified by end users.

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Automated Workflow & Approvals

Establishing, monitoring and enforcing appropriate workflow processes within an organisation is critical to performance.

In many instances, workflow authorisation processes remain a loose and manually-driven process and can often require multiple levels of authorisations which are unique to business rules and departmental structures.

It permits users to receive and authorise multi-level workflow jobs, regardless of device and business system the workflow starts or ends within, and creates a 100% audit trail for complete piece of mind.

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Automate and integrate systems quickly and easily to ensure your business achieves its true potential.
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Authorise workflows

Receive and authorise single or multi-level workflow jobs, and create a 100% audit trail for complete peace of mind

Identify approvals

Identify if a workflow authorisation requires approval from multiple line managers and direct it to the next authoriser for review

Manage workflows

Manage and monitor the flow of work within an organisation to ensure that business rules are adhered to and administration is removed

Workflow & Approvals Connectors


BPA Platform core features and architecture

BPA Platform provides you with flexible and scalable data integration tools for ETL/ELT tasks and automated workflows. Build simple or complex automated business processes that are unique to your organisation, while leveraging the power of existing systems.

Tasks and Steps

Built around central concepts of “tasks” and “steps” providing the ability to build flexible automation processes with logical building blocks, using a drag and drop UI.

Secure Integration

Integrate cloud-based, on-premises or hybrid hosted business systems, using end-to-end AES 256 security with double encryption to protect business data and transactions.


Used to create steps within a task, providing the functional building blocks that interface with common technologies, systems, and applications.

System Architecture

Deployed on-premises or as an iPaaS. It uses client software to design Tasks, a server for connectivity and processing, with a data store for data and tasks.

Cloud, Hybrid or On-premises

Unlock endless possibilities for innovation and collaboration by integrating with SQL Server, ODBC, OLEDB, web services (REST/SOAP) and third-party APIs and utilise built-in business process automation tools to maintain, configure and adapt your business processes.

Approval Workflow Tool Benefits

BPA Platform’s low code workflow automation tools enable you to automate workflow processes and trigger rules-based approvals for any business requirement with flexible and scalable workflow tools.

Fully scalable

Whether your workflow management process involves a simple authorisation form and database write-back or a complex multi-level approval workflow, BPA Platform’s low-code workflow automation tools enable you to start small but scale quickly.

Multiple approval options

Effortlessly build rules-based business logic and sequential tasks into single or complex multi-level approvals, follow data validation rules, and create an audit trail of all approved or declined workflow requests.

Improved efficiency

BPA Platform’s low code workflow automation tools provide you with an affordable, rapid-to-deploy and configure automated workflow solution to save your organisation time, improve employee productivity, and reduce the risk of human error.

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Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises

Cloud Hosting

iPaaS delivers rapid deployment, reduces upfront payments and maintenance costs, and improves scalability and scope.

Cloud Integration
On-premises Hosting

On-premises integration provides complete control over resources, higher security and compliance, and accessibility at all times.

On-premises Integration

Workflow Trends & Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

BPA Platform enables organisations to integrate systems and applications quickly and easily, whether cloud-to-cloud or on-premises to cloud, and then automate numerous business processes and tasks. It reduces system integration development times and costs, and can support integration with any data source whilst providing the flexibility needed to maintain, configure and adapt data synchronisation, as and when business requirements change.
BPA Platform can integrate with practically any application, business system or data source via ODBC, OLEDB, Web Services or third-party APIs through our extensive range of connectors and solutions.
BPA Platform can be installed in the cloud (iPaaS) or on-premises. Compatible with a wide range of databases, including AWS and Microsoft Azure, for cloud and hybrid integration projects, it is rapid to install and configure, with the ability to easily scale requirements.
A remote data relay system enables seamless connectivity between on-premises and cloud applications and resources, enabling the transfer of data securely within specific BPA instances without using a VPN. The remote data relay uses end-to-end security with double encryption to fully protect data.
The introduction of multi-instance architecture to BPA Platform means that cloud and on-premises deployments can have multiple instances of BPA Platform for various purposes, including development, testing, and live environments. Each of these is charged per instance, per month and billed annually in advance. Tasks numbers are mirrored live to test environments for tasks.

Connect to anything, anywhere in a Codeless environment

Deploy BPA Platform in a Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises environment to reduce the cost of bespoke integration projects and enable your systems and applications to work together via an extensive range of rapid install Connectors, Web Services (REST or SOAP) or ODBC/OLEDB data sources.

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