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BPA Platform

On-Premises Integration

Integrating SaaS applications, public and private clouds, and legacy systems

On-premises integration tool from Codeless Platforms.

On-Premises Integration: Automate your business processes.

Bring people, data and processes together with market-proven data integration tools to easily connect applications, legacy systems and web services, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Cloud hybrid

Full control over your business data

Deploy BPA Platform on-premises and maximise your business potential by gaining full control over your business data. Our on-premises data integration software provides market-leading data integration capabilities and enhanced data security protection, allowing you to connect on-premises data sources, legacy systems and web services with ease. Effortlessly automate your business processes to streamline data management and workflows to unlock real-time insights through a simple, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

BPA Platform connects your on-premises and cloud-based business systems and applications to facilitate smooth data transfers and automate critical business processes triggered by events, data changes or schedules. With our powerful connectors and pre-built templates, you can seamlessly integrate with SQL Server, ODBC, OLEDB, web services (REST/SOAP) and third-party APIs, unlocking endless possibilities for innovation and collaboration.

Complete control

Installing an integration platform on-premises provides you with greater control over every aspect of the installation and its management, including the data, integration methods, hardware and storage.

Security & compliance

With on-premises integration you are in control of all of security measures, rather than relying on an external provider in the cloud. This also helps with data protection, which may be necessary for compliance with government and industry regulations.

Operating offline

On-premises solutions are not reliant on an internet connection to perform, therefore if there is any server downtime or loss of internet it will not interfere with access to data. This makes it ideal for mission-critical projects that require low-latency interactions.

Bring all your data workflows together

BPA Platform's on-premises data integration software empowers you to bring all your data workflows together, making on-premises data integration and business process automation a seamless, cost-effective experience. Easily consume and manage a variety of protocols including XML, CSV, JSON, HTTP, SMTP, OAuth and more to drive your business forward.

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Data Types

On-premises Integration: Integrate and automate anything

Reduce system integration development times and costs whilst supporting integration with any data source. Whether on-premises to on-premises, cloud-to-cloud or on-premises to cloud, BPA Platform provides you with flexible data integration solutions with built-in business process automation tools to maintain, configure and adapt your business processes as your business evolves.

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On-Premises to On-Premises

Deploy BPA Platform on-premises for on-premises to on-premises data integration and gain complete control over resources, security, compliance and accessibility.


Host BPA Platform in the cloud for secure end-to-end cloud-to-cloud integration. Achieve rapid deployment through iPaaS and enhance your ability to scale business operations.

Hybrid Integration

Achieve complete flexibility by connecting all your business systems and applications, including AWS and Microsoft Azure databases, across cloud and on-premises environments.

Secure Data Integration

Integrate cloud-based, on-premises or hybrid hosted business systems, using end-to-end AES 256 security with double encryption to protect business data and transactions.

The Solution BPA Platform

Installed on-premises, BPA Platform can integrate systems and applications quickly and easily, whether on-premises to on-premises, cloud-to-cloud, or on-premises to cloud, and then automate numerous business processes and tasks.

Benefits of BPA Platform

BPA Platform reduces system integration development times and costs and can support integration with any data source whilst providing the flexibility needed to maintain, configure and adapt data synchronisation, as and when business requirements change.
  • Connect to any SaaS or on-premises application or system
  • Multi-instance architecture
  • Pre-built connectors and business process automation tools
  • Real-time processing and batch data integration
  • Powerful authentication, access control and data encryption
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Unlock company potential by accelerating business processes

BPA Platform is designed specifically for channel partners and enterprise customers who wish to connect databases to third-party solutions and accelerate the automation of business processes. BPA Platform can be quickly deployed on-premises, with the ability to connect to any cloud-based applications or on-premises systems, to create a hybrid integration environment.

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Connect, automate and realise business objectives with BPA Platform

Integration and automation is vital to creating a multilayered, enterprise-wide technology architecture.

Multiple applications and multi-cloud

The growing number of SaaS applications deployed within an organisation, combined with private and public clouds and the reliance on existing on-premises systems, requires a flexible and scalable integration solution.

Digital transformation

Organisations need to evolve into digital businesses to stay competitive. Integrating apps and services, synchronising data, automating workflows and eliminating redundant data are essential for this to be achieved.

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Connect to anything, anywhere in a Codeless environment

Deploy BPA Platform in a Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises environment to reduce the cost of bespoke integration projects and enable your systems and applications to work together via an extensive range of rapid install Connectors, Web Services (REST or SOAP) or ODBC/OLEDB data sources.

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