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Customer Service and Help Desk


Customer Service and Help Desk

Support automation software helping you to improve customer service

Are you looking for support automation software to remove repetitive data entry by automating your support ticket creation and distribution? Or are you looking to enhance customer service by providing your customers with an online customer portal so that they can quickly and easily access information or log a support ticket?

Codeless Platforms’ customer support automation software and customer portal solutions can integrate CRM systems, third-party online services and a range of help desk software, as well as automate many of the time-consuming tasks, enabling organisations to concentrate on more important aspects to improve service and support, such as developing self-serving customer service applications.

Common support automation processes that we have implemented for organisations include:
  • Support ticket automation
  • Self-service customer portal software
  • Integration of customer service and help desk Software e.g.Zendesk
  • CRM integration connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Agile CRM, Sage CRM and many more
  • Delivery of welcome packs, documents, statements etc. following customer enquiry
  • Integrating direct mail communication providers such as DocMail and UKMail with other systems and applications
  • Communication with customers regarding deliveries, new stock, services etc.
  • Issuing of annual renewal contracts and warranty due to expire reminders
  • Returns processes including system updates, customer notifications and reports
  • Integrating customer survey applications such as Qualtrics and SurveyGizmo with business software
  • Notification to support team when new customer service or support calls are received
  • Escalation of unresolved support issues
  • Assigning tickets to an owner with due date and priority
  • Password reset/unlock requests
  • Allocation of support calls based on the nature of the problem

Benefits of customer service automation

The benefits of customer service automation with BPA Platform include:

  • Improved and streamlined customer service
  • Increased visibility of critical information to all stakeholders
  • Costly and error prone administration tasks removed
  • Reduced operational costs
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Customer Service and Help Desk

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