Clickatell API Integration

Are you looking for a Clickatell API integration solution to integrate the SMS gateway and online messaging service provider Clickatell with your business systems? Or do you need to improve the speed and accuracy of your bulk SMS communications?

Codeless Platforms’ Clickatell API integration connector provides organisations with the ability to dynamically monitor their cloud-based or on-premises business systems and automate the creation and delivery of data-driven SMS messages. It provides employees, prospects, suppliers and existing customers with dynamic SMS communications at the exact moment it is required.

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Clickatell API Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common data-driven Clickatell REST web service integration scenarios that our customers implement using the BPA Platform include:

  • The automatic creation and delivery of an SMS text marketing message e.g. promote slow moving stock or when a customer(s) has not purchased a product or service for ‘x’ months
  • Automate the creation and delivery of a customer SMS message e.g. when an order has been dispatched
  • Automatic creation and delivery of SMS communications when a contract or subscription is due for renewal or completion
  • The automatic creation and delivery of SMS management alerts e.g. large discount applied to sale
  • Automate the creation and delivery of risk management notifications e.g. stock level warnings, financial KPIs or sensitive data

Common commercial benefits achieved through Clickatell API integration with other business systems and applications include:

  • Enhance customer marketing activities
  • Speed up and improve communication to employees and key stakeholders
  • Improve risk management processes

Clickatell API Integration starts from

Connector Pricing


One time purchase


BPA Platform

Standard Product Base Server

Starts from:


Configuration day(s) required subject to requirement.

Clickatell API Documentation

View the Clickatell API Objects and Functions exposed by our Connector

Send Message

Send one or more SMS messages


  • Get accepted
  • Get API message ID
  • Get to


  • Post bearer
  • Post text
  • Post to

Message Status

Track message delivery status and charges


  • Get api_id
  • Get apiMsgld
  • Get charge
  • Get from
  • Get status
  • Get timestamp
  • Get to

Retrieve balance

Show the number of credits available on your account


  • Get account balance
  • Get balance
  • Get bearer

Stop balance

Stop the delivery pf a particular message


  • Delete bearer
  • Delete message


  • Get apiMessageId
  • Get description
  • Get messageStatus

Get coverage

Check the coverage of a network or mobile number without sending a message to that handset


  • Get bearer
  • Get destination
  • Get minimumCharge
  • Get routable

Response status codes

API may respond with HTTP status codes


  • Get accepted
  • Get Bad request
  • Get Gone
  • Get Method not allowed
  • Get Multi-status
  • Get Not found
  • Get OK
  • Get Payment required
  • Get Service unavailable
  • Get Too many requests
  • Get Unauthorized

Error codes

Error messages are generated by the Clickatell gateway during the validation phase before a message is accepted


  • Get Authentication failed
  • Get Cannot route message
  • Get clientMessageld contains space(s)
  • Get data malformed
  • Get Destination mobile number blocked
  • Get Destination mobile opted out
  • Get HTTP method is not supported on this resource
  • Get Internal error - please retry
  • Get Invalid accept header specified
  • Get Invalid destination address
  • Get Invalid or missing API ID
  • Get Invalid or missing parameters
  • Get Invalid or no content-type specified
  • Get Invalid or no version header specified
  • Get Invalid Sender ID
  • Get Invalid sourice address
  • Get Invalid unicode data
  • Get Invalid user data header
  • Get IP lockdown violation
  • Get Maximum message parts exceeded
  • Get Maximum MT limit exceeded until
  • Get Missing message ID
  • Get No credit left
  • Get Number delisted
  • Get Resource does not exist
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