DPD API Integration

Are you looking to use DPD API integration to synchronise DPD courier services with your accounting or ERP software solution? In particular, are you looking to automate the placement of consignments with DPD, auto print labels or automate other every day processes associated with order fulfilment?

Codeless Platforms' DPD API Integration connector will enable you to integrate DPD data services with your back office systems through an flexible and powerful drag and drop interface.

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DPD API Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common DPD API integration scenarios that can be achieved by integrating DPD with accounting, ERP, eCommerce and other business solutions include:

  • Automatic placement of sales orders with DPD and other courier services
  • Automated printing of labels
  • Automated publishing of tracking numbers to customer portals and eCommerce solution
  • Automatic delivery notifications
  • Proof of delivery automatically updated into business software
  • Automatic creation and distribution (via email or SMS) of pick lists and other business reports

"By using Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform, we have made significant time savings in the business, most notably in the warehouse where five hours per day have been saved."

Managing Director, Polymax Ltd
Polymax Ltd use BPA Platform to integrate DPD, Magento and SAP Business One

Common benefits of integrating your business applications with the DPD web services include:

  • Repetitive employee administration eradicated
  • Reduced order to dispatch times
  • Decreased operational costs and the requirement for seasonal staff during peak periods
  • Improved customer service and customer experience
  • Increased company productivity
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DPD API Integration starts from

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BPA Platform

Standard Product Base Server

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Configuration day(s) required subject to requirement.

DPD API Documentation

View the DPD API Objects and Functions exposed by our Connector


Every API requires a geoSession except the Login which returns the geoSession which should be passed into any further API calls.


  • Post

Create Shipment

In order to create a shipment several helper methods have been created which aid in creation of a shipment.


  • Get Country
  • Get International Invoice
  • Get Labels
  • Get Labels For Job
  • Get Service
  • Get Unprinted Labels


  • Insert Shipment


  • List Countries
  • List Services


  • Request JobId

Manage Shipment

Each shipment created through the system can be retrieved by using either 'get shipments' which will return an array of all the shipments for the search criteria passed in or 'get shipment' which will return a single shipment.


  • Change Collection Date


  • Delete Shipment


  • Get Shipment
  • Get Shipments


  • Void Shipment

Manifest Shipments

Although these APIs are not required in order to ship parcels through the system these APIs can be used in order to retrieve a paper copy of shipments sent for a certain date.


  • Create A Manifest


  • Get Manifest By Date
  • Get Manifest By Id
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