ToucanText Integration

Are you looking for a ToucanText Integration solution to integrate your business systems with ToucanText's SMS gateways and SMS messaging API and then automate the creation and distribution of data-driven SMS messages?

Codeless Platforms’ ToucanText Integration Connector will dynamically monitor all your business software solutions and then, using the BPA Platform, you can automatically create and send SMS messages to employees, prospects, suppliers and existing customers at the exact moment the communication is required.

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ToucanText Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common ToucanText integration scenarios that our customers implement using the BPA Platform include:

  • Automatic creation and distribution of a customer SMS message when an order has been dispatched
  • Automatic creation and distribution of an SMS text marketing message when a customer(s) has not purchased a product or service for 'x' months
  • Automatically create and distribute SMS message(s) when a contract or subscription is approaching completion
  • The automatic creation and distribution of SMS management alerts e.g. large discount applied to sale.

Common commercial benefits achieved by integrating ToucanText SMS APIs and services with your business systems include:

  • Speed up and improve communication to all your customers
  • Drive revenues via automated SMS marketing
  • Improve risk management — stock level warnings, financial KPIs or sensitive data
  • Increase survey responses
  • Protect your business and systems with monitoring alerts
  • Utilise flash SMS for two-factor authentication and highly important messages
  • Access to a global network via 1600 direct-to-carrier and Tier 1 connections
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Notifications & Alerts

Notifications & Alerts

The Notifications & Alerts capability provides you with the ability to automatically distribute email and SMS messages 24/7, 365 days a year.

Notification & Alerts connectors

Easy-to-use editor

Build HTML and plain text notifications and alerts using an easy-to-use editor. No coding required.

Multiple delivery methods

Send notifications and alerts via multiple channels including email, SMS or compatible messenger APIs.

Memory and escalation

Capture everything that happens and action where escalation is required.
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