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Creditsafe API Integration

Are you looking for a reliable Creditsafe API integration solution? Or do you still manually check the financial health of your customers and suppliers via Creditsafe? Or are you still relying on your sales team to identify which companies are financially suitable to target?

Codeless Platforms' Creditsafe Integration connector provides organisations of any size with the ability to automate the flow of important information between Creditsafe and your accounting, ERP or CRM solution.

By automating your credit referencing process your company will significantly reduce the probability of acquiring bad debt. Also, employees won’t waste time conducting repetitive, error prone activities.

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Creditsafe API Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common Creditsafe Integration scenarios that our customers implement using the Creditsafe API Integration connector include:

  • Automatically retrieve and present 'New Account' and Prospect credit scores
  • Automatically update existing customer credit limits in line with changes e.g. company profit growth or loss
  • Synchronise changes to vital customer, trading partner and stakeholder information and notify decision-makers or Account Managers

Common benefits achieved through Creditsafe Integration with Accounting solutions, ERP and CRM systems and other business applications include:

  • Reduced exposure to credit risk
  • Repetitive administration associated with credit referencing and data validation removed
  • Enforcement of your exact business rules and procedures
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved accuracy of business data

"The data in Creditsafe is updated regularly, so BPA Platform has been deployed to perform an API call to Creditsafe, pull in the latest financial information and update GoldMine. Now we know that when our reps, or anyone else in the company, are looking in the system it contains the latest financial figures for that particular customer."

Director, Bison Machinery Ltd
Bison Machinery Ltd use BPA Platform to integrate Creditsafe, Access Dimensions, GoldMine, UPS and QuoteWerks
Download Brochure
Creditsafe Integration Brochure

Creditsafe Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Creditsafe with your other business applications can reduce your companies exposure to financial risk and improve commercial performance.

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