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Time saving software to increase productivity

Are you looking for cost effective software to increase productivity by removing repetitive, time-consuming and error prone administration tasks such as data entry and reporting?

Codeless Platforms’ business process automation software and cloud-based business applications can help streamline your business processes by integrating a wide-variety of productivity tools, such as Microsoft Word, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server etc., and automate many of the tasks associated with them.

Streamlined processes for businesses like yours encompass common practices optimised for efficiency include:
  • Companies House integration with accounting and ERP software
  • Automatically creating and distributing documents or letters via email, SMS, FTP etc.
  • Generating end of year statements, customer renewals and purchase order reports
  • Automating the creation and delivery of SQL Server (SSRS) reports and Crystal Reports
  • Automatically parsing CSV, TXT, XML and Excel files, and triggering sophisticated automated processes
  • Automating the creation and distribution of direct mail communications via UKMail or Docmail
  • Land Registry integration with practice management software
  • Creating single or multilevel level holiday approval workflows
  • Microsoft Exchange integration to automatically create calendar items, tasks and contacts in Microsoft Outlook
  • Automating business processes surrounding SOX compliance and other regional legal requirements
  • Creating Oracle database or SQL Server triggers across multiple applications
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Integration and Automation Benefits


BPA Platform offers a powerful, scalable and cost-effective integration and automation solution for organisations, ranging from the small-to-medium business to the large enterprise.

Unrivalled functionality

By leveraging extensive process modeling capabilities, complex tasks can be automated to drive operational efficiency and establish a consistent automation framework throughout the entire information chain.


BPA Platform incorporates workflow technology to enable interaction at critical stages of a business process. Create simple authorisations, or complex multi-level escalations, with drag and drop tools.

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