Sage 300 Integration

Are you looking for a Sage 300 integration (formerly Accpac) connector to integrate Sage 300 with another on-premises, cloud-based, bespoke or industry specific business system or web service e.g. logistics solution or eCommerce web shop?

Codeless Platforms' drag and drop Sage 300 integration connector enables organisations running Sage 300 to integrate with practically any on premises, cloud-based application or web service to significantly reduce operational costs, increase employee productivity and drive company revenue.

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Sage 300 Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common integration scenarios that our customers implement when using BPA Platform with Sage 300 include:

The Sage 300 Connector tool allows communication between BPA Platform and a Sage 300 installation. All communication uses XML. You use the connector to map BPA Platform data to Sage 300 objects and operations. Operations, such as ADD, UPDATE, and DELETE, are supported for a variety of business objects, such as, Customers, Orders, and Items. Additional objects are supported and user-defined fields created in Sage 300 are also supported.

The XML responses received back from the Sage 300 API can be saved to file, or passed to another BPA Platform tool for further processing. The responses can include details of the object requested, any errors from the provider, or the values of any automatically generated ID fields.

Image: A high-level system architecture overview of the Sage 300 Connector, with BPA Platform and Sage 300

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The Sage 300 Integration connector interacts with a variety of objects in Sage 300 for example, Accounts Payable, Accounts Reveivable, Accounts Services, Common Services, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Order Entry and Purchase Order etc. Additional integrations include:

  • eCommerce integration e.g. Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon etc.
  • Courier integration e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL, DPD etc.
  • Email Marketing integration e.g. MailChimp, HubSpot, dotdigital etc.
  • CRM integration e.g. Sage 300 Salesforce, Infor etc.
  • EDI integration
  • Integration with industry specific or bespoke databases and applications

Common commercial benefits achieved by integrating Sage 300 with accounting, ERP and CRM systems include:

  • Eradication of data entry errors and associated costs
  • Increase in company and employee productivity
  • Ability to scale company operations without additional employee overheads
  • Improved financial performance
  • Include Sage 300 users in workflow decisions that start outside of the application

*Supported Versions of Sage 300 include:

  • Sage 300 2016 and all product updates
  • Sage 300 2017 and all product updates
  • Sage 300 2017 R2 and all product updates
  • Sage 300 2018 and all product updates
  • Sage 300 2019

*Contact us for the latest compatibility.

"One of the things that wasn’t achievable previously was getting invoiced figures out of Sage 300 and putting those into Salesforce. Now we know what has been invoiced and we are seeing those figures come through, which is a massive improvement from where we were. The best thing that has materialised from this project is that we can now look at the system and decide what else to improve."

IT Manager, Grosvenor Technology
Grosvenor Technology use BPA Platform to integrate Sage 300 and Salesforce
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Sage 300 Integration starts from


BPA Platform

Standard Product Base Server

Starts from:


Configuration day(s) required subject to requirement.

Sage 300 API Documentation

View the Sage 300 API Objects and Functions exposed by our Connector

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Management


  • Add Customer Comments
  • Add Customers
  • Add Invoice Batches
  • Add Items
  • Add Receipt and Adjustment Batches
  • Add Refund Batches
  • Add Salespersons
  • Add Ship-To Locations


  • GetByKey Customer Comments
  • GetByKey Customers
  • GetByKey Invoice Batches
  • GetByKey Items
  • GetByKey Receipt and Adjustment Batches
  • GetByKey Refund Batches
  • GetByKey Salespersons
  • GetByKey Ship-To Locations


  • Remove Customer Comments
  • Remove Customers
  • Remove Invoice Batches
  • Remove Items
  • Remove Receipt and Adjustment Batches
  • Remove Refund Batches
  • Remove Salespersons
  • Remove Ship-To Locations


  • Search Customer Comments
  • Search Customers
  • Search Invoice Batches
  • Search Items
  • Search Receipt and Adjustment Batches
  • Search Refund Batches
  • Search Salespersons
  • Search Ship-To Locations


  • Update Customer Comments
  • Update Customers
  • Update Invoice Batches
  • Update Items
  • Update Receipt and Adjustment Batches
  • Update Refund Batches
  • Update Salespersons
  • Update Ship-To Locations

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Management


  • Add Invoice Batches
  • Add Payment and Adjustment Batches
  • Add Remit-To Locations
  • Add Vendor
  • Add Vendor Comments


  • GetByKey Invoice Batches
  • GetByKey Payment and Adjustment Batches
  • GetByKey Remit-To Locations
  • GetByKey Vendor
  • GetByKey Vendor Comments


  • Remove Invoice Batches
  • Remove Payment and Adjustment Batches
  • Remove Remit-To Locations
  • Remove Vendor
  • Remove Vendor Comments


  • Search Invoice Batches
  • Search Payment and Adjustment Batches
  • Search Remit-To Locations
  • Search Vendor Comments


  • Update Invoice Batches
  • Update Payment and Adjustment Batches
  • Update Remit-To Locations
  • Update Vendor
  • Update Vendor Comments

General Ledger

General ledger management.


  • Add Batches


  • GetByKey Batches


  • Remove Batches


  • Search Batches


  • Update Batches

Inventory Control

Inventory Management


  • Add Adjustment Headers
  • Add Assemblies
  • Add Bills of Material
  • Add Internal Usage Headers
  • Add Item Mappings
  • Add Item Pricing
  • Add Items
  • Add Recall/Release Headers
  • Add Receipt Headers
  • Add Reorder Quantities
  • Add Shipment Headers
  • Add Transfer Headers


  • GetByKey Adjustment Headers
  • GetByKey Assemblies
  • GetByKey Bills of Material
  • GetByKey Internal Usage Headers
  • GetByKey Item Mappings
  • GetByKey Item Pricing
  • GetByKey Items
  • GetByKey Recall/Release Headers
  • GetByKey Reorder Quantities
  • GetByKey Shipment Headers
  • GetByKey Transfer Headers


  • GetByKey Receipt Headers


  • Process Day End Processing


  • Remove Adjustment Headers
  • Remove Assemblies
  • Remove Bills of Material
  • Remove Internal Usage Headers
  • Remove Item Mappings
  • Remove Item Pricing
  • Remove Items
  • Remove Recall/Release Headers
  • Remove Receipt Headers
  • Remove Reorder Quantities
  • Remove Shipment Headers
  • Remove Transfer Headers


  • Search Adjustment Headers
  • Search Assemblies
  • Search Bills of Material
  • Search Internal Usage Headers
  • Search Item Mappings
  • Search Item Pricing
  • Search Items
  • Search Recall/Release Headers
  • Search Receipt Headers
  • Search Reorder Quantities
  • Search Shipment Headers
  • Search Transfer Headers


  • Update Adjustment Headers
  • Update Assemblies
  • Update Bills of Material
  • Update Internal Usage Headers
  • Update Item Mappings
  • Update Item Pricing
  • Update Items
  • Update Recall/Release Headers
  • Update Receipt Headers
  • Update Reorder Quantities
  • Update Shipment Headers
  • Update Transfer Headers

Order Entry

Order Management


  • Add Credit/Debit Notes
  • Add Invoices
  • Add Orders
  • Add Ship-Via Codes
  • Add Shipments

Add from Order Entry

  • Add from Order Entry Shipments


  • GetByKey Credit/Debit Notes
  • GetByKey Invoices
  • GetByKey Ship-Via Codes
  • GetByKey Shipments


  • GetByKey Orders


  • Remove Credit/Debit Notes
  • Remove Invoices
  • Remove Orders
  • Remove Ship-Via Codes


  • Search Credit/Debit Notes
  • Search Invoices
  • Search Orders
  • Search Ship-Via Codes
  • Search Shipments


  • Update Credit/Debit Notes
  • Update Invoices
  • Update Orders
  • Update Ship-Via Codes
  • Update Shipments

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Management


  • Add Additional Costs
  • Add Create POs Header
  • Add Credit/Debit Notes
  • Add Invoices
  • Add Purchase Orders
  • Add Receipts
  • Add Requisitions
  • Add Returns


  • GetByKey Additional Costs
  • GetByKey Create POs Header
  • GetByKey Credit/Debit Notes
  • GetByKey Invoices
  • GetByKey Purchase Orders
  • GetByKey Receipts
  • GetByKey Requisitions
  • GetByKey Returns


  • Process Create POs From I/C
  • Process Create POs From O/E


  • Remove Additional Costs
  • Remove Create POs Header
  • Remove Credit/Debit Notes
  • Remove Invoices
  • Remove Purchase Orders
  • Remove Receipts
  • Remove Requisitions
  • Remove Returns


  • Search Create POs Header
  • Search Credit/Debit Notes
  • Search Invoices
  • Search Purchase Orders
  • Search Receipts
  • Search Requisitions
  • Search Returns


  • Update Additional Costs
  • Update Create POs Header
  • Update Credit/Debit Notes
  • Update Invoices
  • Update Purchase Orders
  • Update Receipts
  • Update Requisitions
  • Update Returns

Accounts Services

Accounts services management.


  • Add Users


  • GetByKey Users


  • Remove Users


  • Search Users


  • Update Users

Common Services

Common services management.


  • Add Currency Codes
  • Add Currency Tables
  • Add Euro Conversion Rates


  • GetByKey Currency Codes
  • GetByKey Currency Tables
  • GetByKey Euro Conversion Rates


  • Remove Currency Codes
  • Remove Currency Tables
  • Remove Euro Conversion Rates


  • Search Currency Codes
  • Search Currency Tables
  • Search Euro Conversion Rates


  • Update Currency Codes
  • Update Currency Tables
  • Update Euro Conversion Rates
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