Fortune3 Integration

Are you searching for a market proven and affordable Fortune3 integration solution to synchronise Fortune3 data with your accounting solution?

Codeless Platforms' Fortune3 Integration connector provides organisations of any size with a proven platform to integrate Fortune3 with their business software.

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Fortune3 Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common integrations requested by organisations running Fortune3 include:

  • Automatically insert Fortune3 orders into an accounting solution
  • Automate the transfer of order status and current stock levels and/or images from an accounting system to Fortune3
  • Automatically place an order with a selected courier service(s)
  • Automatic synchronisation of customer information between Fortune3 and an CRM application

Common commercial benefits achieved by integrating Fortune3 with other business systems include

  • Eradication of repetitive data entry and associated human errors
  • Significant reduction in order fulfilment times
  • Reduction in operational costs and the need to recruit seasonal employees at peak times
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Fortune3 Integration starts from

Connector Pricing


One time purchase


BPA Platform

Standard Product Base Server

Starts from:


Configuration day(s) required subject to requirement.

Fortune3 API Documentation

View the Fortune3 API Objects and Functions exposed by our Connector


Product Management


  • Retrieve All Product(s) Information
  • Retrieve Certain Product(s) Information


he InventoryQueryRq request allows users to quickly retrieve stock quantity information from a product or option without retrieving all of the other information about the product.


  • Retrieve Inventory for all Products
  • Retrieve Inventory for Certain Products


The CategoryQueryRq request allows users to retrieve category information from the Fortune3 database. 


  • Retrieve All Categories
  • Retrieve Certain Categories


The OrderQueryRq request allows users to retrieve the entire order information from the Fortune3 database. 


  • Retrieve All Orders
  • Retrieve Certain Orders


The OrderStatusQueryRq request allows users to quickly retrieve order status and tracking information from any order on your ecommerce store without retrieving all of the other information about the order.


  • Retrieve Status Information for All Orders
  • Retrieve Status Information for Certain Orders

Customer Account Information

The CustomerQueryRq request allows users to retrieve customer account information from the Fortune3 database.


  • Retrieve All Customers
  • Retrieve Certain Customers
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