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Partner Programmes

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Partner Programmes

Partner Community

Learn more about the various Codeless Platforms partner programmes available and the benefits a partnership can bring.

Accredited partners

Each partner, whether Consulting, Distribution, OEM or Referral, has experience within a specific vertical market or with a dedicated application system. They also have expertise in the installation, implementation and customisation of our Platforms and solutions.

Facilitate growth

Our partners work closely with every customer to ensure that their business needs are met and that Codeless Platforms’ solutions help organisations improve efficiencies, reduce costs and facilitate growth.

Become a Codeless Platforms Partner

If you would like to find out more about how our platforms are benefitting our existing partners, visit our Partner Focus section now. Alternatively, take a more detailed look at the partner scheme you are interested in by selecting the partnering scheme relevant to you.

Why Become a VAR Partner?

Codeless Platforms’ Value Added Reseller Partner Programme has been designed to work with system integrators and professional service organisations which are able to deliver customer-facing solutions consultation, recommendation, design, implementation, integration and related training services.

We recognise that each of our business partners is unique, therefore our VAR Partner Programmes are tailored to service our partners’ differing requirements and to recognise the level of ‘added value’ provided by the partner in each case.

Having Codeless Platforms’ software in your company’s product portfolio will provide you with a wealth of new business opportunities that will enable you to extract more value from new and existing customers. The financial benefits of partnering with Codeless Platforms include:

  • Competitive margins
  • Ongoing revenue opportunities: Recurring renewal revenue / consultancy revenue
  • Associated value added services including implementation, customisation and training
  • Integration and automation capabilities for clients

The VAR Partnership Package

In order for VARs to get acquainted with our software and solutions, we provide the following for each partnership agreement:

  • 1 BPA Platform internal user license
  • 1 Applications Platform internal user license
  • Packaged solutions
  • Marketing consultation
  • Technical enablement
  • Support: 2nd line / 3rd line

The resources and support that our Value Added Resellers benefit from include:


  • Dedicated Account Manager / Team
  • Access to a dedicated partner area
  • Promotional incentive schemes


  • Access to all marketing collateral
  • Direct and email marketing campaigns
  • Joint PR and press releases, and event support

Training and Knowledge

  • Orientation training for our platforms
  • Access to an in-depth Knowledge Base
  • Wide variety of training videos

Product and Technical Support

  • Product upgrades
  • Service releases and hotfixes
  • User guides / white papers

Join the Codeless Platforms VAR Partner Programme today and start earning extra income. Call us on +44 (0)330 99 88 7000 to discuss this further.

Why Become an OEM Partner?

Our two flagship products – BPA Platform and Applications Platform – have been developed so that organisations like yours can quickly and easily build applications, automate business processes and integrate systems, and deliver solutions that are 100% aligned with your customers' existing operational processes and business objectives. 

As a Codeless Platforms OEM partner, we provide you with all that is required to successfully integrate Codeless Platforms solutions into your own applications. A direct relationship with Codeless Platforms means you have first-hand knowledge and access to new product information prior to release. In addition, we offer dedicated sales, marketing and technical teams to work with you to maximise our partnership.


The market proven benefits that ISVs (independent software vendors) will immediately gain from embedding our applications, platforms and tools include:

  • New revenue streams
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Optimisation of the R&D budget
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage
  • First mover advantages


The technical benefits open to OEM partners are significant, and organisations that embed our applications, platforms and tools into their own applications will be able to provide the following capabilities to their clients:

  • Advanced notifications and alerts
  • Report and document automation
  • Data integration and synchronisation
  • Workflow and human interaction automation
  • Rapid application development

Why Become a Distribution Partner?

Codeless Platforms distribution partners market, distribute, sublicense and support some or all of Codeless Platforms’ applications and solutions that are commercially available to Codeless Platforms partners.

They can sell Codeless Platforms’ applications and solutions only in their designated territory. Codeless Platforms distributors focus on reselling the applications and solutions, and are generally prohibited from marketing and reselling other products that compete with Codeless Platforms.

Codeless Platforms uses distributors to expand its market reach in geographies where it does not have a presence. In some instances, where Codeless Platforms deems it necessary, distributors can coexist with local company offices.

Financial rewards

  • Exclusive areas
  • High product margin
  • The lead system
  • Natural upgrade path
  • Ongoing revenue
  • Associated value-added services
  • Associated support services
  • Vertical market opportunities

Sales and Marketing

  • Regional business sales planning
  • Co-operative marketing initiative
  • Joint lead generation

Sales Training and Tools

  • Sales material localisation
  • Vertical market analysis
  • Sales training
  • Product training
  • Web training


  • Case study updates
  • Product upgrades
  • Service releases


  • Bug database
  • Web support portal
  • Download Centre

Start Earning Monetary Rewards with our Software

By joining Codeless Platforms’ Referral Partner Programme you can easily earn monetary rewards from relationships you already have.

If any of your customers or anyone in your network could benefit from an easy-to-use integration and automation solution, or a rapid application development platform, refer them to us and we will reward you. Every referral that converts to a sale will earn you 15% commission of the software sold.

The programme enables you to expand your product offering, providing more value to your customers, whilst giving you an additional source of revenue without any expense.

Note: Codeless Platforms Consulting, Distribution or OEM partners cannot be Referral Partners too.

Programme Benefits

  • Referral reward of 15%
  • No financial investment or programme fees
  • Demo accounts to increase your product knowledge
  • Online sales training and special offers
  • Joint marketing activity possible including access to a wide-range of marketing materials
  • Reciprocal lead generation

Recommend our products to your network and Codeless Platforms will take care of the rest.

How it Works

  • Sign up: Referral Partners must, in the first instance, register with Codeless Platforms.
  • Submit referral: Referral partners must complete and submit a referral form for each referral.
  • Acceptance: The Codeless Platforms sales team then confirms that the Lead qualifies for compensation.
  • Payment: The one-time, 15% referral fee is calculated on the total sale of software to the referred lead and will be paid immediately on receipt of payment by the referred customer.

Join the Codeless Platforms Referral Partner Programme today and start earning extra income. Download the brochure which includes a registration form and referral form.

Referral Partner Programme Brochure

Referral Partner Programme Brochure

Join the Codeless Platforms’ Referral Partner Programme today and start earning extra income. Every referral that converts to a sale will earn you 15% commission of the software sold.
Download Brochure

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