Groupon Integration

Are you seeking a Groupon integration solution to automate sales orders between Groupon marketplace and your webstore, ERP or accounting system?

Codeless Platforms provides companies with the ability to connect their siloed systems with Groupon API integration to improve efficiency and lower the cost of current processes. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, businesses can automate the download of orders.

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Groupon Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common Groupon integrations and automated tasks include:

  • Download orders from Groupon through integration with ERP/accounting software i.e. SAP, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and more
  • Download customer details - name, address, contact details
  • Download purchase history
  • Download order numbers
  • Integration with courier services

Common commercial benefits achieved through Groupon integration include:

  • Improved efficiencies order management
  • Eradication of repetitive data entry and associated human errors
  • Streamlines purchase order process
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Groupon Integration starts from

Connector Pricing


One time purchase


BPA Platform

Standard Product Base Server

Starts from:


Configuration day(s) required subject to requirement.

Groupon API Documentation

View the Groupon API Objects and Functions exposed by our Connector


API calls require authentication, these credentials are Supplier ID and Token.


Receive a list of orders in suppliers account. These will only be orders that have not previously been exported and response will be paginated with a maximum of 250 orders per page. Orders are sorted by ID.


  • Orders

Mark Exported

Acknowledge that line item(s) have been exported.


  • Mark Exported

Tracking Notification

Send tracking information about a line item. Information available can include courier and tracking and it also supports quantity in case you ship items less than the ordered quantity. Supporting up to 1000 line items at a time.


  • Tracking Information

Purchase Orders

Get a list of purchase orders in supplier account within a given date range - parameters set as start_date and end_date. Only receive purchase orders that have not already been acknowledged by the supplier. Purchase orders will be sorted by ID. Response will be paginated with a maximum of 25 purchase orders per page.


  • Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement that purchase order has been exported.


  • Purchase Order Acknowledgement
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Data Integration & Synchronisation

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Transformation functions

A set of transform functions that can be dragged onto the mapping area to change the data between input and output.

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