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A Guide to ETL

Learn about ETL including everyday ETL examples and case studies, ETL tools, common ETL challenges and benefits and how to evaluate an ETL vendor.

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A Guide to IT Process Automation

Learn about IT Process Automation (ITPA) and how the IT department can utilise ITPA Tools to improve its internal business processes and be the main driver for your organisation’s digital transformation strategy.

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A Guide to Procurement in Business

Learn about procurement in business and how it plays an important role to keep procurement costs low, maintain supplier relationships and reduce the overall price of products and services.

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Creating Next Generation Business Applications

Codeless Platforms’ Applications Platform makes the entire process of developing, deploying and managing applications simple. User interfaces can be generated automatically freeing up resources to concentrate on building the actual application.

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Automating Purchase Order Workflow

Automating the distribution of single or multi-level purchase order authorisation requests can significantly improve productivity, remove administration and enforce company procedures.

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Automating Critical Reporting

Automating critical reporting procedures can eradicate repetitive administration, safeguard against human errors, increase the visibility of information and improve management decision making.

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Real-time Status Notifications

Automating the monitoring of data and the distribution of notifications and alerts can remove the manual processing involved in providing up-to-date information to the relevant people.

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Automating Critical Notifications and Alerts

Automating critical alerts is a simple process to incorporate into any business system and can make a considerable difference to the running of an organisation: improving company performance, ensuring 100% visibility of critical information, improving customer service and ultimately reducing exposure to financial risk.

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