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SAP Concur API Integration

Are you looking for a market-proven SAP Concur API integration connector to simplify access to the SAP Concur API? Or are you looking to remove repetitive data entry tasks from managing expenses to journal entries and payment reference details to invoices?

Codeless Platforms' SAP Concur connector (for Standard and Professional) enables organisations using SAP Concur to integrate this powerful system with on-premises or cloud-based ERP systems using drag and drop, point and click technology. Our SAP Concur connector is simply installed alongside BPA Platform which can connect to most data sources via ODBC, OLEDB, Web Services or an extensive range of supported 3rd party APIs through connectors.

SAP Concur Integration Brochure

SAP Concur Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating SAP Concur with ERP systems can help manage finances.
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SAP Concur API Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common SAP Concur integration scenarios achievable through the SAP Concur API include:

SAP Concur PO invoices automation

The SAP Concur connector makes it possible to automatically create purchase invoices in your ERP system that relate to a purchase requisition/order that is created in SAP Concur that have a goods receipt note logged against them or if a workflow action has been completed.

Automated expenses to journal entries

Our SAP Concur connector enables you to to track employee's expenses in SAP Concur and then automatically create AP invoices or journal entries in your ERP system when an expenses workflow has completed in SAP Concur.

Common commercial benefits achieved by integrating SAP Concur solutions with accounting systems, ERP applications and your other business software include:

  • Automate, simplify, speed and improve the expense management process
  • Increased visibility into all expenses and optimise spend
  • Improved compliance with policies and regulations
  • Improve SAP Concur accounts payable process
  • Removed manual data extracts that can lead to errors and reporting delays
  • Schedule supplier payments, and more accurately forecast and manage cash flow

"All this data from the various systems, which previously would have to be manually transferred, is now being pulled automatically, on schedule or on demand, via BPA Platform. It's allowing for a lot more efficiency and time saving because data is flowing backwards and forwards. It’s a massive time saver. I can sit back and relax and let BPA Platform get on with it."

Head of Business Systems, IQGeo
IQGeo use BPA Platform to integrate SAP Concur, SAP Business One and Salesforce
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SAP Concur Integration Brochure

SAP Concur Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating SAP Concur with ERP systems can help manage finances.

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