Flat File Import Tool: Import flat file into SQL Server, Oracle and other databases

Flat File Import Tool: Import flat file into SQL Server, Oracle and other databases with BPA Platform The following article details a flat file definition, including types of flat file, working flat file examples, the difference between a flat file and a relational…

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Digital Transformation – Quick Start Guide

The following guide to digital transformation will provide you with the information and resources you need to identify, validate, create, execute and report on the success of your transformation programme. In short, this article will blueprint your digital transformation roadmap from start to…

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Shopify Connector: Utilising the Shopify REST API

Shopify Connector: Shopify REST API Integration What is Shopify Integration? Shopify integration provides both Shopify partners and users with the ability to automate the day to day data entry tasks that surround eCommerce to reduce processing errors and costs. The Shopify connector can…

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Quick Start Guide – IT Process Automation Tools

Improving Performance with IT Process Automation Tools (ITPA) We spend a lot of time discussing how business process automation software can improve performance within accounting, marketing, sales and warehouse departments by reducing manual administration tasks to drive company revenue. However, the IT department…

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SAP-Certified Integration and Automation Platform

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