MetaPack Integration

Are you researching the market for a proven MetaPack integration solution to synchronise MetaPack data with your CRM, ERP, financial or warehouse management system?

Codeless Platforms' MetaPack Integration connector provides companies of any size with proven, drag-and-drop tools to integrate MetaPack with practically any business system(s).

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MetaPack Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common automated processes achievable through MetaPack API integration include:

  • Pushing orders from business systems to MetaPack
  • Pulling delivery data back from MetaPack and updating CRM/ERP systems
  • Updating all systems, including eCommerce stores, with returns data
  • Automatically extracting intelligent data and reports

Common commercial benefits achieved through synchronising MetaPack with other software include:

  • Improvement in speed of deliveries
  • Removal of repetitive data entry
  • Employee productivity increased
  • Enhanced visibility of sales and deliveries across the business
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MetaPack API Documentation

View the MetaPack API Objects and Functions exposed by our Connector


Generally the Allocation methods are used to drive the process that allocates carrier services to consignments the process can be directed through submission of information in the method calls or it can be automated based on the setup within DM.


  • Allocate Consignments
  • Allocate Consignments With Booking Code
  • Batch Create And Allocate Consignments
  • Create And Allocate Consignments
  • Create And Allocate Consignments With Booking Code
  • Deallocate


  • Calculate Tax And Duty


  • Despatch Consignments
  • Despatch Consignments With Booking Code


  • Find Consignment By Consignment Code
  • Find Consignments By Carrier Consignment Code
  • Find Consignments By Carton Id
  • Find Consignments By Order Reference
  • Find Consignments By Parcel Code
  • Find Delivery Options
  • Find Delivery Options For Consignment
  • Find Delivery Options For Consignment With Booking Code
  • Find Delivery Options With Booking Code


  • search
  • search For Consignments


  • Verify Allocation
  • Verify Allocation With Booking Code

Consignment Service

Generally the Consignment Service Methods are used to build and edit consignment information in DM ahead of allocation in addition some of the methods allow for changes in consignment status outside of the allocation process.  


  • Add Consignments To Groups
  • Add Inner To Outer


  • Append Parcels To Consignment


  • Create Bulk Documentation As Pdf
  • Create Bulk Labels As Pdf
  • Create Bulk Labels As Zpl
  • Create Consignments
  • Create Documentation As Pdf
  • Create Documentation For Carton Id As Pdf
  • Create Label As Pdf
  • Create Label As Zpl
  • Create Labels As Pdf
  • Create Labels As Zpl
  • Create Labels For Carton Id As Pdf
  • Create Next Labels As Pdf
  • Create Next Paperwork For Consignment
  • Create Paperwork For Carton
  • Create Paperwork For Consignments
  • Create Paperwork For Parcel
  • Create Pdf's For Consignments


  • Delete Consignment
  • Delete Parcel From Consignment
  • Delete Parcel From Consignment With Carton Id


  • Find Consignment Audit Records


  • Mark Carton Printed
  • Mark Carton Ready To Manifest
  • Mark Consignments As Printed
  • Mark Consignments As Ready To Manifest


  • Pack Products To Parcel
  • Unpack Products From Parcel


  • Remove Consignments From Groups
  • Remove Inner From Outer


  • scan Carton To Manifest Group
  • scan Order To Manifest Group


  • Update 
  • Update Consignments


  • Validate Consignments


  • Void Consignments

Consignment Tracking Service 

Generally the Consignment Tracking Service methods should be used to query the latest carrier tracking information from DM once the consignment is manifested and collected by the carrier.


  • Find All Parcel Statuses Between Dates
  • Find Parcel Tracking By Consignment Code
  • Find Parcel Tracking By Order Reference

Debug Service 

Generally the Debug Service Methods can be used to provide information on why a particular carrier service allocation did not occur.


  • Debug Consignment Why Not
  • Debug Consignment Why Not With Booking Code
  • Debug Why Not
  • Debug Why Not With Booking Code

Information Service 

Information Service Management


  • Find Carrier Service Types
  • Find Carrier Services
  • Find Carriers
  • Find Consignment Statuses
  • Find Groups
  • Find Manifest Statuses
  • Find POD Types
  • Find Similar Addresses
  • Find Transaction Types
  • Find Warehouses


  • Verify Addresses

Manifest Service 

Generally Manifest Service Methods should be used to initiate the electronic communications between DM and the carrier in addition to returning the relevant manifest documentation. Use these methods if you wish to incorporate control of the manifesting process into your solution.


  • Create Manifest
  • Create Manifest As Pdf


  • Create Manifest For Future Despatch


  • Find Consignments On Manifest
  • Find Manifests
  • Find Ready To Manifest Records


  • Mark Manifest Group Printed
  • Mark Manifest Group Ready To Manifest


  • Move Manifest Group


  • send Manifest

Setup Service 

Generally the Setup Service Methods can be used to configure your DM service if you are considering adding DM management features to your integration then these are the service calls to consider.  


  • Disable Carrier Services
  • Disable Carriers


  • Enable Carrier Services
  • Enable Carriers
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