TNT Integration

Are you looking for an easy-to-use TNT integration solution to quickly and easily integrate the TNT web service with your ERP or WMS system? Or are you looking to automate the placement of consignments with TNT and automatically print shipping labels to reduce fulfilment times and delivery status update queries?

Codeless Platforms’ TNT API integration connector enables you to integrate TNT courier service with your back office systems through an flexible and powerful drag and drop interface.

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TNT Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common TNT API integration scenarios our customers implement include:

  • TNT integration with ERP systems such as Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Access Dimensions etc.
  • Automatic placement of orders with TNT
  • Automated printing of consignment labels
  • Automatic publishing of tracking numbers to customer portals and eCommerce solution
  • Automated delivery and tracking notifications (email/SMS) sent to customers
  • Proof of delivery automatically updated into your business software
  • Automatic creation and distribution of pick lists, delivery reports and other required reports or documentation

Commercial benefits of TNT Web Service Integration include:

  • Improved fulfilment times and delivery success rates
  • Reduced delivery status update queries
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Warehouse costs reduced and time savings made
  • Removal of repetitive data entry and associated errors

TNT Integration starts from

Connector Pricing


One time purchase


BPA Platform

Standard Product Base Server

Starts from:


Configuration day(s) required subject to requirement.

TNT API Documentation

View the TNT API Objects and Functions exposed by our Connector


Rates management.


  • List all rates
  • Retrieve rates


  • Calculate rates


Printing and management of labels.


  • created_at_max
  • created_at_min
  • limit
  • List all labels
  • Retrieve a label
  • shipper_account_id
  • status
  • tracking_numbers


  • async
  • billing
  • Create a label
  • customs
  • invoice
  • is_document
  • paper_size
  • references
  • return_shipment
  • service_options
  • service_type
  • ship_date
  • shipment
  • shipper_account

Shipper Accounts

Management of Shipper Accounts.


  • Delete a shipper account


  • List all shipper accounts
  • Retrieve a shipper account


  • Create a shipper account


  • Update a shipper account credentials
  • Update a shipper account information

Bulk Downloads

Management of Bulk Downloads.


  • List all bulk downloads
  • Retrieve a bulk download


  • Create a bulk download


Billing Object.


  • method
  • paid_by


Management of Customs Object.


  • customs billing
  • eei
  • importer_address
  • passport
  • purpose
  • terms_of_trade


An instance of shipping freight or cargo.


  • parcels
  • ship_from
  • ship_to


Address object.


  • city
  • company_name
  • contact_name
  • country
  • email
  • fax
  • phone
  • postal_code
  • state
  • street1
  • street2
  • street3
  • tax_id
  • type


Management of an object or collection of objects wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by post.


  • box_type
  • description
  • dimension
  • items
  • weight


Item object, use to describe product to ship.


  • description
  • hs_code
  • item_id
  • origin_country
  • price
  • quantity
  • sku
  • weight
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