eBay Trading API Integration

Are you searching for a powerful eBay Trading API integration solution to integrate eBay with your accounting, ERP, CRM or preferred courier service provider?

Codeless Platforms' pre-configured and customisable eBay Trading API Integration connector provides companies of any size with drag-and-drop tools to simplify access to the eBay Trading API, allowing businesses trading on eBay to automate the upload and download of information between their in-house systems and eBay.

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eBay Trading API Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Key operations of the eBay Trading API connector include updating stock, retrieve orders and stock, close orders and get eBay details such as:

  • Update Stock: Automatically update stock quantities and prices of buy it now items for matching to stock (and prices) held in other external systems
  • Retrieve Orders: Retrieve all orders and associated transactions/line items that have been created from your listings in each given time-frame. These can be filtered in several ways including returning active orders only
  • Retrieve Stock: Retrieve item details such as ID, description and quantity of the items. There are two types of items: fixed-price items and auction products
  • Close Order: Update payment status, shipping status (and shipping time, carrier and tracking number), and providing seller feedback on buyer
  • Get eBay Details: Queries enabling retrieval of various information such as available carriers and many other details

"Prior to implementing Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform, data input took an employee all day, every day, whereas now this manual data entry doesn’t exist. BPA Platform is worth its weight in gold now. It’s really easy to use. In fact, you don’t really know it’s running. It just does everything in the background."

Director, Starlite Direct
Starlite Direct use BPA Platform to integrate eBay with Sage 200

Common commercial advantages of integrating eBay with your other business systems include:

  • Significantly reduce order fulfilment times
  • Ability to process a higher volume of sales without increasing company headcounts
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Ability to eradicate repetitive data entry
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eBay Trading API Integration starts from

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BPA Platform

Standard Product Base Server

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eBay Trading API Documentation

View the eBay Trading API Objects and Functions exposed by our Connector


Dispute Management


  • Get Dispute
  • Get User Disputes


  • Add Dispute
  • Add Dispute Response
  • seller Reverse Dispute

Product Listing

Product Listing/Items Management


  • Get Ad Format Leads
  • Get Description Templates
  • Get Item
  • Get Promotional Sale Details


  • Add Fixed Price Item
  • Add Item
  • Add Items
  • Add Second Chance Item
  • Add To Item Description
  • End Fixed Price Item
  • End Item
  • End Items
  • Extend Site Hosted Pictures
  • Place Offer
  • Relist Fixed Price Item
  • Relist Item
  • Revise Fixed Price Item
  • Revise Inventory Status
  • Revise Item
  • set Promotional Sale
  • set Promotional Sale Listings
  • set Tax Table
  • Upload Site Hosted Pictures


  • Verify Add Fixed Price Item
  • Verify Add Item
  • Verify Add Second Chance Item
  • Verify Relist Item
  • VeRO Report Items


Order Management


  • Get Item Shipping
  • Get Item Transactions
  • Get Order Transactions
  • Get Orders
  • Get Shipping Discount Profiles
  • Get User
  • Get User Contact Details
  • Get User Preferences


  • Add Transaction Confirmation Item
  • Complete Sale
  • Disable Unpaid Item Assistance
  • Issue Refund
  • Revise Checkout Status
  • send Invoice
  • set Shipping Discount Profiles
  • set Shipping Discount Profiles

Selling Manager

Selling Manager


  • Delete Selling Manager Inventory Folder
  • Delete Selling Manager Item Automation Rule
  • Delete Selling Manager Product
  • Delete Selling Manager Template
  • Delete Selling Manager Template Automation Rule


  • Get Selling Manager Alerts
  • Get Selling Manager Email Log
  • Get Selling Manager Inventory
  • Get Selling Manager Inventory Folder
  • Get Selling Manager Item Automation Rule
  • Get Selling Manager Sale Record
  • Get Selling Manager Sold Listings
  • Get Selling Manager Template Automation Rule
  • Get Selling Manager Templates


  • Add Item From Selling Manager Template
  • Add Selling Manager Inventory Folder
  • Add Selling Manager Product
  • Add Selling Manager Template
  • Move Selling Manager Inventory Folder
  • Revise Selling Manager Inventory Folder
  • Revise Selling Manager Product
  • Revise Selling Manager Sale Record
  • Revise Selling Manager Template
  • save Item To Selling Manager Template
  • set Selling Manager Feedback Options
  • set Selling Manager Item Automation Rule
  • set Selling Manager Template Automation Rule


Seller Management


  • Get Seller Dashboard
  • Get Seller Events
  • Get Seller List
  • Get Seller Payments
  • Get Seller Transactions


  • Validate Test User Registration


Feedback Management


  • Get Feedback
  • Get Items Awaiting Feedback


  • Leave Feedback
  • Respond To Feedback
  • set Selling Manager Feedback Options


Store Management


  • Get Store
  • Get Store Category Update Status
  • Get Store Custom Page
  • Get Store Options
  • Get Store Preferences


  • set Store
  • set Store Categories
  • set Store Custom Page
  • set Store Preferences

Category Listings

Category Listing Management


  • Get Categories
  • Get Category Features
  • Get Category Mappings
  • Get Category Specifics
  • Get Contextual Keywords
  • Get Suggested Categories

Lists and Bidders

Lists and Bidder Management


  • Remove From Watch List


  • Add To Watch List
  • Get All Bidders
  • Get Best Offers
  • Get Seller List


  • Get Bidder List
  • Respond To Best Offer


Managing Messages


  • Delete My Messages


  • Get Member Messages
  • Get Message Preferences
  • Get My Messages
  • Revise My Messages
  • Revise My Messages Folders


  • Add Member Message AAQ To Partner
  • Add Member Message RTQ
  • Add Member Messages AAQ To Bidder
  • set Message Preferences

My eBay

Managing My eBay


  • Get Account
  • Get My eBay Buying
  • Get My eBay Reminders
  • Get My eBay Selling
  • set User Notes


  • Disable Unpaid Item Assistance


Charities Management


  • Get Charities


Tokens Management


  • Revoke Token


  • Confirm Identity
  • Fetch Token
  • Get Challenge Token
  • Get Client Alerts Auth Token
  • Get Session ID
  • Get Token Status
  • Validate Challenge Input


eBay Time


  • Get eBay Official Time




  • Get eBay Details


Other API Calls


  • Get Api Access Rules
  • Get Notification Preferences
  • Get Notifications Usage
  • Get VeRO Report Status
  • VeRO Report Items
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