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Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Email marketing integration helping you to improve campaign performance

Are you looking for an email marketing integration solution to automatically update lists and process unsubscribes in your on-premises or cloud-based CRM system? Or do you need a solution to automate the creation and distribution of email marketing campaigns or reports?

Codeless Platforms’ email marketing integration connectors remove the need for you to manually update subscriber lists, process unsubscribes across systems, create and distribute campaign reports and automate campaign creation and distribution to support unplanned campaigns. We can also provide you with a custom CRM solution that is built around the way you work to help you achieve the complete marketing platform.

Common email marketing integration scenarios that we have helped businesses with include:
  • Custom CRM software offering quick and easy data migration to get you up and running in minutes
  • Email marketing integration with CRM software e.g. dotmailer, MailChimp, CommuniGator, ExpertSender, Communicator, Elastic Email, HubSpot, Marketo etc.
  • CRM integration connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Agile CRM, Sage CRM etc.
  • Synchronising contact lists with CRM or ERP systems
  • Synchronising unsubscribe data between email software and CRM/ERP applications
  • Automated email cleansing and verification to improve the deliverability of your communications
  • Automatically creating and sending email campaigns based on business rules e.g. slow moving stock or product price changes
  • Automating the creation and distribution of campaign reports
  • Automatically updating CRM applications with campaign statistics and setting sales team member follow-up activities
  • Automatic generation and distribution of welcome packs
  • Alerting Account Managers when key customers follow links in marketing emails
  • Automating content aggregation from existing resources to generate emails
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Email Marketing

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Integration and Automation Benefits


BPA Platform offers a powerful, scalable and cost-effective integration and automation solution for organisations, ranging from the small-to-medium business to the large enterprise.

Unrivalled functionality

By leveraging extensive process modeling capabilities, complex tasks can be automated to drive operational efficiency and establish a consistent automation framework throughout the entire information chain.


BPA Platform incorporates workflow technology to enable interaction at critical stages of a business process. Create simple authorisations, or complex multi-level escalations, with drag and drop tools.

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