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Back office automation helping you improve operational processes and reduce costs

Do you need access to the most up to date information possible? Are you looking at back office automation solutions to reduce manual processes? Or are you looking to create self-service information portals so that suppliers or customers can securely access information?

Codeless Platforms’ back office automation software and cloud-based application solutions will provide you with the tools to automate back office processes that operational departments rely on by integrating business systems and applications and automating essential tasks, such as reporting, workflow approvals and notifications. Automation can be applied to any aspect of your organisation, from planning and procurement, production and shipping to self-service information portals, helping you improve performance and reduce costs.

Common back office processes that we have helped operations departments with include:
  • Integrating quoting software such as QuoteWerks with business systems to automate the conversion of orders
  • Automated procurement process including sending orders and chasing suppliers
  • Implementing self-service web portals for Customers, Suppliers and Partners
  • Automating the purchase ledger process – cross referencing invoices against expected cost
  • Monitoring inventory levels and issuing alerts when stock falls below threshold
  • Automating approval workflows for design, planning, production and quality control
  • Integrating warehouse management systems with accounting and ERP systems such as SAP Business One, Sage, Microsoft, Access, SYSPRO, Epicor and many more
  • Automating the management of dispatches via courier services and using an order management application
  • Regularly producing stats required by quality schemes such as ISO and Six Sigma
  • Automating notifications to customers such as delivery ETAs and goods dispatched
  • Monitoring and reporting on productivity effectiveness and KPIs

Benefits of Office Automation

Common back office automation benefits when using BPA Platform include:

  • Improved employee and company productivity
  • Reduced manual data entry tasks and associated errors
  • Ability to adapt business process quickly as and when business requirements and processes change
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased company revenue
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Integration and Automation Benefits


BPA Platform offers a powerful, scalable and cost-effective integration and automation solution for organisations, ranging from the small-to-medium business to the large enterprise.

Unrivalled functionality

By leveraging extensive process modeling capabilities, complex tasks can be automated to drive operational efficiency and establish a consistent automation framework throughout the entire information chain.


BPA Platform incorporates workflow technology to enable interaction at critical stages of a business process. Create simple authorisations, or complex multi-level escalations, with drag and drop tools.

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