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Business Process Automation Platform

Migrating TaskCentre

Introduction This knowledge base article will provide a guide on moving an installation of TaskCentre to another server. Migration of the TaskCentre Internal and SQL store will be covered. For the SQL…

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Maintaining TaskCentre

Introduction An important part of the TaskCentre administrator’s function is to maintain the product. This involves a number of routine set-up and monitoring activities. The purpose of these tasks is to keep…

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User Administration

As a TaskCentre administrator, one of your functions is to create user accounts with different roles, configure their rights and arrange them into groups. There is no limit to the number of…

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Setting General Options

Introductions There are certain general, product-wide options that the TaskCentre administrator is responsible for setting. They determine such global factors as when maintenance takes place and how notifications are sent to administrators…

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