System Administration

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Migrating TaskCentre

Introduction This knowledge base article will provide a guide on moving an installation of TaskCentre to another server. Migration of the TaskCentre Internal and SQL store will be covered. For the SQL store, the recommended configuration is to have the TaskCentre Server installed on…

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Moving to a New Server – Licensing Implications

TaskCentre Licence When moving TaskCentre from one server to a new server, to avoid downtime, you may wish to set up the new server while the old server is still running. On a busy server there are likely to be many connections that need…

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Maintaining TaskCentre

Introduction An important part of the TaskCentre administrator’s function is to maintain the product. This involves a number of routine set-up and monitoring activities. The purpose of these tasks is to keep the product running smoothly and with a minimum of interruption and error.…

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User Administration

As a TaskCentre administrator, one of your functions is to create user accounts with different roles, configure their rights and arrange them into groups. There is no limit to the number of users you can create. On installing TaskCentre, an initial Administrator user account…

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Setting General Options

Introductions There are certain general, product-wide options that the TaskCentre administrator is responsible for setting. They determine such global factors as when maintenance takes place and how notifications are sent to administrators and task owners. Taken as a whole, these global settings are important…

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Folders and Permissions

Introductions Folders can be used for a variety of purposes, such as holding task designs. One of the functions of the TaskCentre administrator is to create folders and assign permissions to them. Folders are usually arranged into hierarchical or tree-like structures, with one or…

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