Run Microsoft Reporting Services – Global Configuration

This article will show how to setup a connection between TaskCentre and a report server. Once configured a report held on the server can be accessed by a Task using the tool Run Microsoft Reporting Services.

  1. Open the Run Microsoft Reporting Services global configuration via the following:

    Manage > Tools > Format > Run Microsoft Reporting Services
    The following box will be displayed:5

  2. Select Add to begin setting up a connection.
  3. Enter an appropriate name and provide the web service URL of where the reports are stored.Capture1
  4. If the report server requires authentication select the Security tab and provide the required details.
  5. Select OK to complete. The newly created server connection will now appear in the connection list.
  6. Select Test to ensure a successful connection, this will also display a list of formats supported by the server.Capture3

This completes the global configuration.

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