ODBC / OLEDB Connections

Global configuration of database query tools

One of the tasks of the TaskCentre administrator is to configure global connections for TaskCentre tools, so that they are ready for use by task designers.

Among the connections that the administrator configures are database query connections. These connections are needed for task steps involving the reading and writing of database records.

ODBC and OLE DB standards

TaskCentre steps that query database records use database query tools to consume data from a database record, before exposing data to other steps in the task. There are different database connection technologies and interface standards, although the process is essentially the same.

The available standards are;

  • ODBC
  • OLE DB

OLE DB is the more recent standard but is less widely implemented than ODBC.

Access to data

One of the important database query configuration settings is the granting to the user of privileges to access the data.Connections can be configured for read-only or read/ write access to the data source.

Normally it is desirable to restrict access, particularly read/write access. Configured connections can be shared by various TaskCentre tools.

ODBC and OLE DB: In Summary

TaskCentre uses two database connectivity standards, ODBC and OLE DB. Along with other global configuration, the administrator needs to configure ODBC and OLE DB connections so that the relevant database query tools can handle the flow of information from a database source to a task that is ready for processing.

The global configuration defines a path between the TaskCentre server and other resources. To configure database query connections, the main steps are to open the Database Query (ODBC) or Database Query (OLEDB) connections dialog in the System/Tools area, select a suitable ODBC or OLE DB driver, provide logon credentials to the database server, identify the relevant database and give the new connection a name.

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