Outbound SMTP Connections

Global configuration

Global configuration is performed so that connections are available for use by task designers.One of the global configurations set by the administrator is that for outbound SMTP connections. These are connections needed for task steps that involve the sending of email messages.

Steps that send email messages

A step can be designed to send email messages. Messages can be sent to any SMTP-compliant mail server, using the SMTP protocol. A step can send any number of messages to any number of recipients.Messages, in text or HTML format, can incorporate content generated by other steps, such as input or format steps, or other resources. Documents may be attached.

SMTP addresses can be added to an internal address book, for later re-use. MAPI address books, such as those provided in Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook, are also supported.

Configuring SMTP connections

Outbound SMTP connections are configured using the Send Email (SMTP) tool, accessed under Tools – Output.Once the administrator has configured a connection, it is available for all steps that communicate with the configured server.

Settings include the SMTP server’s DNS name or IP address, the port number and the authentication method, which may use the logged-in user’s Windows details or specify a username, password and domain.Configuration that is not defined globally, such as message file name and recipient details, is set at step level by the task designer to suit the particular task.

Above: The OutputPanel and Send Email (SMTP) tool

<!–Exercise: Configuring outbound SMTP connections
You’ve seen that the administrator is responsible for defining SMTP server connections.

Now try a guided exercise on configuring SMTP connections using the Send Email (SMTP) tool.

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Outbound SMTP: In summary

A TaskCentre step that sends email messages uses SMTP as the standard to send the messages to SMTP servers.

Steps can send one or more messages to any number of recipients. Messages can be sent in HTML or text format and can include attached files.

Configuring connections to the SMTP server is one of the global settings that the TaskCentre administrator has to carry out.This configuration is done using the Send Email (SMTP) tool. The server is identified and its address, authentication method and logon details are specified.

Secure SMTP is enabled if available. Some configuration settings are not defined globally but done to suit the particular task. These include the message file name and recipient details.

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