Fax Connections

Global configuration is performed so that connections are ready for use by task designers. One of these global configurations is that for fax connections. These connections are needed for task steps that require the sending of fax messages.

Fax server connections

A step in TaskCentre can be used to send fax messages to one or more recipients. The content of a fax can be drawn from input or format steps. The fax message may include text or HTML data and static or dynamic content. TaskCentre uses Tobit software for its fax connections.

It supports the messaging server Tobit David, as well as Tobit FaxWare, addresses and cover pages. A connection to the Tobit David server is required for a send fax step to work. This connection is configured globally.

The Send Fax (Tobit) tool

Configuration is done using the Send Fax (Tobit) tool, which is located in the Output Tools category. This tool integrates closely with Tobit fax software.To configure a connection, you have to define the host server for the Tobit product.

This involves entering the server name. For the Tobit fax connector, the default server name is ‘David’. You should have a modem on your network, with a spare licence for a TaskCentre user account. The Tobit product documentation provides details about setting up the Tobit server.


Above: Send Fax (ToBit) DvISE server dialog box

Fax connections: In summary

Task steps involving the sending of fax messages require fax connections to be configured. The connection to the fax server can be configured globally by the TaskCentre administrator. TaskCentre uses Tobit fax software to channel fax messages. They are sent through the Tobit server to a recipient fax number.

Global configuration is done using the Send Fax (Tobit) tool. The main setting is identifying the fax server.

By default, the Tobit fax server name is ‘David’. There should be a modem connected to your network, with a spare licence for a TaskCentre user account.

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