Moving to a New Server – Licensing Implications

TaskCentre Licence

When moving TaskCentre from one server to a new server, to avoid downtime, you may wish to set up the new server while the old server is still running. On a busy server there are likely to be many connections that need to be tested in the new environment before making the new server live.

Codeless Platforms therefore allows a grace period of one month during which time the customer’s server licence key may be installed on both the live server and a test server. When the test server is made live the old server software must be uninstalled.

Crystal Reports Runtime Licence

With the release of TaskCentre 4.6 a new version of the Crystal Reports Runtime became available as a licensable component.Customers using the old version of the runtime can purchase the new runtime.

This runtime is owned by Business Objects Software Limited and is supplied under an OEM agreement by Codeless Platforms. Codeless Platforms may not supply the old runtime component.

Therefore, customers moving to a new server who wish to use the new runtime component must purchase a licence and maintenance for this.