Setting General Options


There are certain general, product-wide options that the TaskCentre administrator is responsible for setting. They determine such global factors as when maintenance takes place and how notifications are sent to administrators and task owners.

Taken as a whole, these global settings are important for keeping the TaskCentre server operating smoothly.

There are seven main general option categories.

The TaskCentre Server general options

There are seven general options where settings allow the administrator to optimize TaskCentre Performance.


This option contains a variety of server settings. The most important is number of task threads permitted, because a suitable setting for this can optimize server performance. The default is 4.


With this option, the administrator can specify where alerts about run-time problems on the server should be sent.

Notifications is the most important general option, because it is crucial for uninterrupted operations that any error is properly notified.


This option allows the administrator to override the local system account with another windows user account, under which to run Tasks.

Run Times and Maintenance

This option allows the administrator to set global run-times and periods when maintenance on the proprietary data store can take place.

Event Log

This option provides options for determining how long error logs are stored and how large they can grow. The default period is 28 days.

National Holidays

This option allows the administrator to import national calendars into the system so that appropriate run-time exceptions can be configured. Additional exception periods can also be configured.


The categories option lets the administrator group tasks into related categories.

Setting general options: In summary

There are certain general options that the TaskCentre administrator is responsible for setting.

Together, these options ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation of the TaskCentre server
There are seven main categories of general options:

  • Notifications (for setting how administrators and task owners are alerted to problems)
  • Impersonation (for setting up a user account alternative to the local system account used by the TaskCentre server service)
  • Run Times and Maintenance (for determining when TaskCentre will run)
  • Server (for the number of task threads permitted and various other server settings)
  • Event Log (for setting when the log files get purged)
  • National Holidays (for importing calendars in order to adjust run times)
  • Categories (for group in related tasks and folders)

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