User Administration

As a TaskCentre administrator, one of your functions is to create user accounts with different roles, configure their rights and arrange them into groups. There is no limit to the number of users you can create.

On installing TaskCentre, an initial Administrator user account is created by default. This enables you to log on and begin adding other new user accounts.

When you set up authentication for new accounts, there are two types available – Windows and TaskCentre.

Windows authentication is usually sufficient but you may decide to use TaskCentre authentication for a user processing workflow jobs remotely using a mobile device.

User administration: In summary

The installation of TaskCentre creates a default Administrator account, which you can use to log on in the first instance and begin your administrative tasks.

As an administrator, you can create and configure new users. There are a number of different TaskCentre roles, such as server, tool access, memory access and scripting objects. You use user settings to determine the role. By enabling all functionality, you make a user a product administrator.

There are two methods of user authentication. Usually you’d use Windows authentication but you may need TaskCentre authentication when, for instance, the user needs to process jobs from a mobile device.

TaskCentre does not restrict the number of users created. When a user leaves the organisation or no longer has a role in the product, you can disable the account instead of deleting it, to retain the user history.

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