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TaskCentre Administration

System Administration – Introduction

There are a number of major roles involved in the implementation and use of the TaskCentre product. One of these roles is the TaskCentre administrator.

The person assigned to this role would have a good knowledge of the organisation’s infrastructure and of the authentication particulars needed for TaskCentre to communicate with the various components involved in its deployment.

This knowledge article covers the following areas for which a TaskCentre administrator would be responsible:

Global Configuration – Introduction

One of the functions of the TaskCentre administrator is to carry out global configuration of the connections and resources that task designers will incorporate in task steps.

This involves configuring both incoming and outgoing connectors to various network resources that are accessed and used within a task.

The following knowledge articles cover aspects of connection configuration in which the TaskCentre administrator is likely to be involved, each article focusing on a particular connection and the associated tools.