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Customer Support Automation: Automating Customer Support Processes

Are you looking at customer support automation solutions to streamline your support processes?

In many industries, excelling in customer support is critical to the reputation and growth of an organisation with many SMEs placing large emphasis on exceeding agreed service levels.

Unfortunately, the physical process of customer service can create a large amount of manual employee administration which can detract from the actual time spent on resolving important issues. This is where automating key customer support processes can improve performance and reduce human error.

The downside of manual customer support processes:

  • Time-consuming, detracting employees away from solving issues
  • Data anomalies can occur, caused by human error
  • Costly administration process

Customer Support Automation: A working example using SAP Business One

If we take a look at technical industries as an example, it’s not uncommon for a provider to heavily focus on exceeding agreed service levels.

When a support call is usually logged with a technology company, typically the issue would have to be manually confirmed with the customer. In addition, customers often call in to see the status of their logged support request – further eating in to valuable time from support engineers.

How does customer support automation help this issue?

  • Customer notifications can be automatically created and sent to the customer informing them that their issue has been logged and investigated.
  • Notifications are automatically created and distributed to the customer with status updates and ‘issue resolved’ information.

Removing the repetitive process of informing customers that their support call has been logged enables support team members to gain an incremental amount of additional support time. Providing a high level of customer support in this manner, dynamically from SAP Business One, can have a substantial impact on employee productivity and provide substantial competitive gain.

In addition to the dynamic notification of support calls logged, customers can be dynamically informed when their support incident has been resolved. By pro-actively delivering information directly to the customer, support engineers are being further removed from time-consuming administration due to reduced inbound call volume.

This is just a snippet of how automation can assist support issues as the automation and creation of call issues within SAP Business One can be streamlined across the entire support call related activities and beyond to further enhance the support process.

The benefits of customer support automation include:

  • Full process automation of customer support processes
  • Removal of administration and associated manual data errors
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced inbound status calls
  • Increased customer satisfaction

How can you achieve customer support automation?

The automation of customer support processes can be achieved through maximising SAP Business One’s flexibly designed framework. This well designed platform enables SAP certified third party applications, such as Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform for SAP Business One, with the opportunity to offer code free data integration and synchronisation across practically any online or on-premises information system or database.

For example, Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform for SAP Business One can be used for:

  • Integration with an eCommerce store such as Magento, sales order / stock synchronisation and the automation of the extended order management process
  • Real time notifications and document automation e.g. automatically send real-time alerts to external partners or suppliers via SMS messaging or email with attachments (PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc.)
  • Streamlined Workflow and Approval process e.g. multi-level purchase order authorisation approvals and discount level approval

Is Codeless Platforms’ BPA Server right for you?

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform is an accredited SAP development partner specialising in SAP Business One Integration and business process automation. For an impartial view on how the BPA Platform for SAP Business One can enhance your business processes why not take a look at our customer case studies? More specifically, TSG Ltd used the BPA Platform to address a complex SAP Business One integration requirement and a number of time consuming customer support processes to remove repetitive customer support updates and notifications through rules-based automation.

To find out more information about how Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform can automate your customer support processes download the case study below or call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

Case Study: TSG Ltd

Case Study: TSG Ltd

Discover the benefits TSG Ltd achieved by integrating SAP Business One with its online billing solution and improved service levels through customer service automation.

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