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SAP Business One Connector tool – Error: -5002 10000156 Posting date deviates from the defined range.


When posting orders within the SAP Business One connector tool the following error message is received:

-5002 10000156 Posting Date deviates from the defined range. To complete the operation, 
define the posting period to match the entered Posting Date.

Capture 1(1)


A new posting period has been created but the changes made have not been properly implemented by the SAP Business One integration layer.

This means that when a new order is to be posted, the software does not recognise it as being in the new posting period and the above error is produced.


Restart the SAP DI Server service.

This will ensure that the changes made to the posting period are reflected and further orders are posted as normal.

SAP Business One Integration Brochure

SAP Business One Integration Brochure

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