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Configuring Web Service Connections

The TaskCentre Server contains the functionality to connect and use web enabled product API’s.

The Web Service Connector is used to call a web service operation and return the response from the web service as data content which can be used in the task.

It is capable of working with a very wide range of services, both SOAP and REST architectures. These services may be business applications, hosted locally, at a remote location or in the cloud, such as ERP, Financial or CRM systems or they could be information services provided on the internet.

Please follow the links below for articles on how to enable web service connectivity:

Overview of Web Services

SOAP Web Service Connections

REST Web Service Connections

Importing a TaskCentre Web Service Configuration File

It maybe necessary to register the business application’s server certificate for use on the machine where the TaskCentre Server is hosted. If an untrusted certificate is encountered the runtime activity will fail to authenticate.

Please see the following article for further details:

How to register a third party server certificate for use with the TaskCentre Server

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