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KB35373 – Error after upgrade to TaskCentre 4.7: ‘Cannot upgrade/resave the schedule entry SID…time zone ID was not found on the local computer’


Following an upgrade to TaskCentre v4.7 multiple entries are generated in the TaskCentre Event Log similar to the following:

Cannot upgrade/resave the schedule entry SID: [nnn], 
Error: The time zone ID [any time zone] was not found on the local computer

*Where [nnn] equals your Schedule ID and [any time zone] equals the affected time zone.

Additionally, the affected Schedule steps in a task cannot be edited, displaying the message:

The Schedule step has not yet been upgraded. Please ensure that the Schedule Agent service is running before attempting to reopen the step


This issue affects installations where the store was initially created on a machine running an operating system with different language settings.

That store is then used on another server using different language settings. This can cause the conversion of some time zone entries to fail as the expected entries do not exist in the settings on the current server.


Apply the associated patch to resolve the issue. Download using the following link:

Login into the Partner Area to download this hotfix

Note: Installation of this patch will cause the TaskCentre services to restart.