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TaskCentre Server services failing to start with error: Server Initialisation Failure – ErrorInformation 9/0x80070005


Unable to start the TaskCentre Server service. Any attempt made to start the service fails and the following error is produced in the Windows error logs:

Server Initialisation Failure - ErrorInformation 9/0x80070005


The TaskCentre Server service has insufficient permissions to access certain local resources on the machine, i.e. files, registry keys, communication components.


Ensure that the account running the TaskCentre Server service is set to Local System. The account running this service does not normally need changing unless under certain circumstances. The service will function as normal under the Local System account. See figures 1 & 2 below.

However, if the Local System account cannot be used then ensure that the named user account has the same access rights to files, registry keys and communication components etc. This will allow for a different account to be used with additional permissions whilst still allowing the TaskCentre Server service to run.


Figure 1. TaskCentre Server service – Running as ‘Local System’ account.


Figure 2. TaskCentre Server Properties dialog – ‘Log On’ tab showing ‘Local System’ account selected.