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TaskCentre 4.5 SR 4 upgrade prompts for Windows Installer hotfix


After running the TaskCentre 4.5 SR4 upgrade you may receive the following warning:

The following Windows Installer hotfix may be required to successfully upgrade the current product installation:

Would you like to abort the installation and open the hotfix page?


The message appears on selected Windows operating systems and occurs when you upgrade from a previous version of TaskCentre. It does not occur when you perform a clean install of TaskCentre 4.5 SR4. The warning may also appear even when the hotfix is not actually required.


We advise that you do NOT install the hotfix for the benefit of the TaskCentre installer as it is not a prerequisite and there are no known side effects from its exclusion.

Instead we advise that you click No to continue and complete the TaskCentre upgrade.