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TaskCentre Licensing Troubleshooting Guide


This article aims to assist with scenarios affecting the running of TaskCentre from a licensing perspective.

It is worth noting the following:

TaskCentre Editions – TaskCentre is usually supplied in standard form which can be identified by the ‘TaskCentre’ logos appearing upon install, login and within the main interface. TaskCentre can also be supplied as a Vendor Aligned Product (VAP) or an OEM, this is identified by the vendor/OEM branding used instead.

Product Key – The product key enables access to your edition of TaskCentre and will allow entry to the client. It is important that you obtain the correct edition in order for the key to activate the product.

QSL File – The QSL file activates your tool licenses and puts them into a fully registered state. Failing to import the QSL file will prevent tasks from running after the evaluation period expires.

The QSL file is required for new installs, upgrades and re-installs of TaskCentre and must be imported as soon as you login to the client. Additional TaskCentre tool packs must be installed first before the QSL file is imported, this will ensure all tools are licensed at once.

The QSL file is usually issued with the product key either from Orbis Software or from your TaskCentre Partner.

Note: Ensure your QSL file is stored in a safe place for future use, i.e reinstalls and upgrades.

TaskCentre has stopped running after install

Has the QSL file been imported?

  • Tool licenses are contained in the QSL which would have come with the main TaskCentre product key, either from Orbis Software themselves or through a TaskCentre Partner.
  • Tools automatically come with a 30-day trial. Ensure the QSL file is imported immediately or the trial will run out and the tools will no longer work.
  • QSL files are needed for new installs, upgrades and re-installs so ensure they are kept in a safe place.
  • All separate tool installations should be installed before importing the QSL file, the QSL file will only import tool licenses for tools that are already installed.If tools are installed afterwards, then the QSL file will need re-importing.

Within the TaskCentre client this can be checked via Manage -> Licensing and under Expiry. Use the Import button to locate your QSL file if not yet imported.

Figure 1. Manage -> Licensing – Importing the QSL file.

The main TaskCentre key is invalid after upgrading or moving servers

  • The TaskCentre product key is locked to a specific edition of TaskCentre so therefore the main product key will only work with the edition that the user has ordered.
    • Has the correct edition of TaskCentre been installed which corresponds with the product key.
  • If unsure, check the previous install on the old server. If the branding is different, then the wrong version has been installed.
  • If upgrading, then check with Orbis Software for the correct version.
  • OEM branded versions are only available from Orbis Software directly and are not on the ‘Partner Area’ of the website.

To obtain your Vendor Aligned Product edition, navigate to Community -> Partner Area -> BPA Platform Updates.

The product editions are listed within the side bar.

TaskCentre Licensing Troubleshooting Guide

Figure 2. TaskCentre standard edition identified via the left-hand banner.


Receiving the error ‘A Newer Key Exists’ during the QSL file import

This is caused by the QSL file being older than the main TaskCentre product key currently registered. You may see this during a renewal of your product key which will carry a higher issue number than your existing QSL file.

You may proceed past this warning as your existing QSL file will still activate your tool licenses. A new QSL file is only ever issued when additional tools are purchased.

A QSL file was not supplied with the TaskCentre trial key

QSL files are not needed with TaskCentre trial keys as the tools come with automatic 30-day evaluations when first installed.

Is a new key needed when upgrading TaskCentre?

No – if upgrading TaskCentre, for example from v4.5 to v4.6, then your current product key will work. You do not need to import your QSL file again as the tools will remain registered.

  • If additional tools or tasks are needed then contact your Orbis Account Manager or TaskCentre Partner to discuss these options.

How many ‘Production’ and ‘Test’ servers does a license contain?

A single site license contains a license for one ‘Live Production Environment’ and one ‘Test Environment’. NOTE: If additional environments are needed than a ‘Multi-Site’ license is required.

  • Please contact your Orbis Account Manager or TaskCentre Partner if more are required.

The Run Crystal Report tool is not working.

As of 2013, SAP has made it a legal requirement for Orbis to sell a TaskCentre Crystal Runtime activation, this is needed to make use of the Run Crystal Reports tool. If one has been purchased, then it can be installed from the TaskCentre Configurator. See figure 3 below.

  • If the Crystal Runtime fails to download then ensure your computer security allows for TaskCentre to install over the internet.
  • If the install fails, contact your TaskCentre Partner or Orbis Support for assistance.

TaskCentre Licensing Troubleshooting Guide

Figure 3. Configurator – Run Crystal Report – Runtime install location.

TaskCentre is saying that a tool license has expired even though there is a registered key

Restart the TaskCentre services.

  • If this does not work then please request a new tool key from your TaskCentre Partner or from Orbis Licensing.