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How to export your TaskCentre Tasks


Exporting is useful for creating a back up of your task data, allowing it to be stored in a safe place for use again at a later date. You may also wish to export your tasks during a migration of TaskCentre from one server to another making them easily transferable during the process.

In some circumstances you may be required to send your task data to our support team for analysis, at which point you will be asked to create an export.

Supported Objects

An export allows you to create a back up of the following objects in TaskCentre:

  • Tasks* (including folders)
  • Repositories
  • Global Variables
  • Global Formulas
  • Global Functions

*All task variables, formulas and functions will be included.

Creating an Export

Right-Click the Tasks folder and select Export.

Right-Click Export

The Select Objects to Export dialog will appear. From here you can customize the export to include further objects such as global variables that tasks may rely on.  You must add objects to the list for them to be included in the export. 

In this example only the Tasks folder and its contents are included and nothing else.

Select Objects to Export

To include global variables in the export you click Add.

Adding Global Variables2

You must select at least one variable;

  • Hold down CTRL to individually select multiple variables.
  • To select all variables, whilst holding down SHIFT click the variable at the top of the list followed by the variable at the bottom of the list.

Exporting Global Variables

Once the selection has been made click OK to continue. The variables to be included in the export will now be listed.

Export list with variables

Note: The procedure for including repositories, formulas and functions is the same as outlined above.

Click OK to finalize the export which will prompt you to save to a location on disk.

The export file is a TaskCentre .tks file which you simply select when the time comes to importing your task data again.

Importing the Tasks

To import your task data you right-click the Tasks folder and select Import where you then locate and supply the saved .tks file.

Right-Click Import

If task data of the same name already exists in your TaskCentre instance then you will be prompted to pick an option for it to be handled accordingly. For example, this may apply if you already have a global variable of the same name, you will be given the option to overwrite it if required.

For a clean install of TaskCentre this prompt will not appear.

Confirm Object Replace


The method outlined above can be applied to most scenarios where you require all of your tasks along with any global objects in use to be exported.

Any of the supported objects can be used to initiate an export, for example, if you require only the variables or perhaps just a single task then you locate the individual object and begin the export from there. It does not always have to begin with the ‘Tasks’ folder.

Customize the export by using the add/remove buttons to build a list of objects or take away the ones you do not require. The tree like hierarchy will show you exactly what is to be included before you save the export to disk.