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Unable to open the TaskCentre configurator on the client machine: Error “Cannot retrieve the product key”


Once the TaskCentre client has been installed onto a workstation, you are unable to open the configurator to complete any required configuration settings. The following error is displayed:

An error has occurred while processing:Initialization
Error details: Cannot retrieve the product key


Note: This message will only be displayed when trying to launch the configurator from the Client machine.


This error is caused by a mismatch of the product key between the server and client. You will not be unable to access the TaskCentre configurator until this has been rectified.


Copy the licence key registry entry, LicKey, from the TaskCentre Server machine to the Client machine as follows:

  1. On the TaskCentre Server machine enter the registry and browse to the following location:
    On x86 32bit systemsHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Orbis Software\TaskCentre
    On x64 64bit systemsHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Orbis Software\TaskCentre
  2. Make a copy the LicKey value. Copy it to the same location within the registry on your Client machine overwriting the existing LicKey entry.Capture1Above: ‘LicKey’ location within the registry.
    3Above: The value within ‘LicKey’ that needs to be copied to the Client.
  3. The licence key will now be identical for both Server and Client. You will now be able to open the TaskCentre configurator as normal.