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SAP Business One Event Tool – Error when trying to remove a company database


Within the SAP Business One Event Tool configuration, when a database is selected for removal the following error is produced:

Cannot open the database "[DATABASE NAME]" requested by the login. The login failed. 
Login failed for the user '[USERNAME]'

Applies To

  • SAP Business One Tools v5.1
  • SQL Server hosted database


The database has already been removed from within SQL Server. The SAP Event Tool is unable to establish a connection to the database as it is no longer present. This prevents it from being removed successfully from the list.


Within SQL Server, make a copy of another SAP company database and rename it to the company that you are trying to remove within the SAP Event Tool.

You will now be able to select it as normal and remove it from the list. The duplicate company within SQL Server can also be removed.

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