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SalesLogix Connector step fails at task runtime with the error – Could not find ‘C:|iwtemp\xxxxxxxxx.dll’

Note: The SalesLogix Connector Tool is now known as the Infor CRM Connector Tool.


The SalesLogixConnector step fails at task runtime with the following error appearing in the event log:

Could not find file 'C:\iwemp\xxxxxxxxx.dll'


The SLX tools add the following XML to the iwtskrun.config file in the TaskCentre installation directory:

  <xmlSerializer tempFilesLocation="C:\iwtemp"/>

This determines where the temporary dlls are written. During maintenance TaskCentre deletes all files in the iwtemp folder except the ones with .log extensions.

The TaskCentre temp folder by default is C:\iwtemp.


Specify an alternative location for the SLX tools to store the dll files.

Open the iwtskrun.config file located in the TaskCentre installation directory and change the temp folder location within the XML.

Example of original:

  <xmlSerializer tempFilesLocation="C:\iwtemp"/>

Example of modified:

  <xmlSerializer tempFilesLocation="C:\SLXtemp"/>