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Integrating with Microsoft Exchange on Premises or 365

The following document identifies a number of learning and enablement resources that assist with using TaskCentre and the Exchange Web Services. This document will expand as additional resources become available.

Please refer to it as an index to be referenced on an on-going basis.

Resources currently available:

  1. Microsoft Exchange Tool Pack – Overview
    This article provides a brief introduction to the TaskCentre MS Exchange tool pack and links you to a white paper which further explains in detail how each tool of the tool pack functions.
  2. Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool – Creating a global connection to Exchange
    This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to setup a global connection to the Exchange Web Service. This is a vital connection and will allow operations to be completed when using the MS Exchange Connector tool.
  3. How to register a third party server certificate for use on a TaskCentre server
    This would be required to help prevent errors occurring when an untrusted certificate is encountered on a web service connection.
  4. TaskCentre Exchange Agent – How to create a subscription to monitor a mailbox
    This article provides a step-by-step guide which outline show to create a subscription in Exchange by using TaskCentre.
  5. Exchange Agent: Error when creating a new subscription – ID is malformed
    This is a troubleshooting article which provides a resolution to an ‘ID malformed’ error received when creating a subscription.
  6. Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool – Retrieving attachments in calendar items
    This article shows how to retrieve attachments contained in a calendar item.
  7. Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool – Find operation examples
    This article will give a variety of Find operation examples which can be adapted to specific business process requirements.
Microsoft Exchange Integration Brochure

Microsoft Exchange Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Microsoft Exchange with business applications increases the visibility of key information and enhances employee productivity.