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Creating a Global OLEDB Connection – Server name length restriction


When creating a new Database Query (OLEDB) global connection and selecting a server from the drop down list the interface restricts the display of the server name to no more than 20 characters.

This can make instances with particularly long names difficult to identify.


  1. When creating the connection and within the Available OLEDB Providers dialog, tick the box Configure using Data Link.This allows the connection to be configured in a slightly different manner but instant name lengths will be unrestricted.
    Capture 1(1)Figure 1. Selecting an OLEDB provider to enable the connection
  2. This will display the Data Link Properties. Within the Provider tab ensure the OLEDB provider has been highlighted.
    2Figure 2. Data Link Properties dialog – Provider tab
  3. Select the Connection tab.It is here where the instance name will be displayed in full from the drop down list.Provide the login credentials for the SQL Server and select a database.3Figure 3. Connection tab – Selecting the SQL Server Instance
  4. The connection can be tested before selected OK to save and complete. You will then be prompted to enter a name for the connection as normal.