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Running a SAP HANA stored procedure errors with: ‘Unterminated quoted identifier’


Running a SAP HANA stored procedure produces the following error:

.. [HDBODBC32] Syntax error or access violation; 257 sql syntax error: unterminated quoted identifier..


The error occurs when SAP HANA identifiers are not enclosed in double quote (“) characters.

The SAP HANA ODBC layer requires that procedures are identified with double quotes, and prefixed with the schema. When the schema prefix and quoted identifiers are absent, the error will occur.


Within the Call Procedure tool amend the procedure name so it displays in the following format:


Example: Using the tool a stored procedure called PRMCSSEQPO is selected from the schema HANADB. Therefore, the display name will need to read: “HANADB”.”PRMCSSEQPO”


Stored Procedure Display Name(1)


Stored Procedure Display Name2(1)

The following formats will not work and will return a syntax error: