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Run Microsoft Reporting Services Tool – Fails with “ExecutionNotFoundException” at task runtime


Unable to save a Microsoft Reporting Services Report when using a ‘Save File’ step. The following error occurs:

The report execution gwp42y55mesyqzb4accp3pur has expired or cannot be found


Using Windows Integrated Authentication where the Report Server is not local to the TaskCentre server host.

Note: Setting task impersonation will not make the error go away.


Specify the Windows Logon Credentials as follows:

Within the ‘Run Microsoft Reporting Services’ global configuration, open the server connection properties and set the authentication to use windows credentials and provide the login details.

  • To amend an existing server connection, locate the global configuration for the reporting tool via: Manage > Tools > Format > Run Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Open the server connection properties and select the Security tab
  • Select Windows Authentication and provide the login details
  • Select OK to complete then select Test to ensure the connection was successful