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Run VB Script step fails at task runtime with error 0x800a01ad


When using the CreateObject method in the Run VB Script step you receive the error:

0x800a01ad - Error while evaluating expression: ActiveX component can't create object: 'GetObject'

You may also see a companion entry in the TaskCentre event log:

0x80070005 - The script requested a disallowed object


Caused by the task owner not having sufficient permission within TaskCentre to create script objects.


  1. Under the General tab of the task from where the error occurs make a note of the “owner” property. In this context the task owner is the TaskCentre user account under which the task runs.
  2. Within the TaskCentre system tree and under ‘Users’,enter the properties for the user identified in step 1 above. Enter the Script Objects tab and tick the following two boxes;
    • Any Object
    • Allow this user the use of System.GetObject() in script