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Windows application event log shows Access Denied (-214724891) from Microsoft SQL Server Trigger Agent


The Windows application event log shows Access Denied (-214724891) when firing a TaskCentre SQL agent trigger. This occurs when a trigger is fired using SQL Server 2005 or higher. The following error is logged to the Windows Event Log and SQL Logs:

Error: 70000 Severity: 16 State: 1 Trigger on “<TABLE NAME>” failed to Queue Task 361(-2147024891)


This error relates to the account that SQL Server 2005 or higher runs under.

The default account is NT AUTHORITY. If this account has restricted access to create COM objects, the trigger will fail with ‘Access Denied’.


This issue can be resolved by setting DCOM permission for the SQL Server service account.

  1. Start -> Run and type DCOMCNFG to open Component Services.
  2. Under the Computers folder expand the DCOM config branch and locate the iwsqlea component.
  3. For the iwsqlea component give Local Launch, Local Activation and Local Access permissions to the account that the SQL server service runs under.