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Multiple 0x80040205 errors in TaskCentre event log from source: IWClTcp.ITCAPISession.


The TaskCentre event log shows multiple 0x80040205 errors. The source of the error is IWClTcp.ITCAPISession.


Normally when a task that contains a SQL trigger is deleted, the corresponding trigger is dropped from the table. In cases where the trigger does not get dropped the SQL Agent attempts to launch a task that is now deleted and fails, recording the failed attempt into the TaskCentre event log.


Perform a rebuild of the triggers as follows:

  1. Stop the TaskCentre SQL Agent service.
  2. Within SQL Server delete all the TaskCentre Triggers. TaskCentre triggers can be identified as they start with ‘exttrigger’ (The following Transact-SQL code will display a list of tables and views that have TaskCentre triggers: SELECT OBJECT_NAME(parent_obj), * FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype=’TR’ AND name LIKE ‘exttrigger%’
  3. Delete everything under following registry key:
    On x86 systems: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Orbis Software\TaskCentre\EventProviders\{EAA826F1-E0BE-4C1E-A2B9-691D6D5CE965}\Triggers
    On x64 systems: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Orbis Software\TaskCentre\EventProviders\{EAA826F1-E0BE-4C1E-A2B9-691D6D5CE965}\Triggers
  4. Re-start the TaskCentre SQL Agent service.