KB39707 – TaskCentre 4.7 Hotfix resolving issues at runtime with images formatted using the Format as HTML tool


Two separate issues are covered in this hotfix:

Issue 1

At runtime, a task runner intermittently crashes when the task contains a Format as HTML step, itself containing an embedded image.

Issue 2

A Send Message (SMTP) step consuming HTML output from a Format as HTML step, contains HTML with images attached in dynamic attachment mode.


Issue 1

The tasks contained Format as HTML steps, which referenced Base64-Encoded images embedded directly in the HTML. Where the image size exceeded 500KB, this resulted in the runtime crash.

Issue 2

The requirement within the task was to produce HTML with dynamic image fields sourced from the output of an Database Query (ODBC) recordset. The image references within the HTML code were <img> tags. The image was attached dynamically at runtime within the Send Message (SMTP) step, based on the image file path sourced from the ODBC Database Query output. At runtime, the HTML for the image attachment references in the Format as HTML step were lost.


Issue 1

The image embedder within the Format as HTML step has been amended to allow larger embedded images (exceeding 500KB) to process correctly at runtime.

Issue 2

The Send Message (SMTP) step has been amended to keep valid HTML image references, and not replace them with CID content.

Apply the associated patch to resolve both issues.

Download using the following link:

TaskCentre 4.7 Hotfix KB39707