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Installing Tool Packs


Some TaskCentre tools are distributed separately from the main product. They are referred to as tool packs.

There are two circumstances when a tool may be distributed in this manner:

  • It is the first release of a tool, which is intended to be incorporated into a later release of the main TaskCentre product
  • It is a specialist tool which will always be distributed separately

Although tool packs are installed into the main TaskCentre product, they come with their own separate installers and release notes.

Where tool packs are installed

Installing Tool Packs

Tool packs must be installed on the server and each client machine where they will be used, in order for the run times to work and to allow users to edit or create new tasks with those tools.

Some tool packs have additional components, which are installed in a distributed manner on other machines. The release notes for the particular tool pack contain all the relevant installation details.

Pre-requisites for tool pack installation

Tool packs require the presence of the main TaskCentre server and client before they can be installed. A tool pack may have additional pre-requisites for its software or deployment environment.

If its pre-requisites are different to those of the version of TaskCentre into which it is to be installed, they will be described in a separate software compatibility document for the particular tool pack.

Installing Tool Packs

Above: That document, as well as the tool pack installer itself and its release notes, can be downloaded from the Orbis Software website Partner Area.

Installing a tool pack

To install a tool pack, you run the installer and follow the instructions on screen.

The installation process is straightforward and, so long as the pre-requisites have been met, the tool will be installed correctly within TaskCentre.

You should, however, check that the tool appears where it should, once the installation is complete. Click forward for details about this check.

Checking the installation

To check that the tool has been installed, you need to be logged on to the server machine. You open the TaskCentre console, navigate to the folder where the tool should be and check that it appears there.

Installing Tool Packs

Above: We have installed the Web Service Connector tool and it is now displayed in the pane on the right. We can infer from this that the installation was successful.

Installing Tool Packs

Above: The newly installed tool may require global configuration before it can be used for task design. Double-clicking the tool or right-clicking and selecting Properties will indicate whether global configuration is required.

Tool pack licensing

Tool packs come with a free thirty-day trial license. This provides TaskCentre users with the opportunity to evaluate the tool.

The license for this evaluation is activated when you first install the tool pack.

To continue using the tool after the evaluation period, you will need to purchase a full tool license. This is provided in the form of a QSL (license information) file.

Unlike the main TaskCentre product key, the tool license is a single lifetime purchase without the need for periodic renewal.

Installing Tool Packs

Above: You can view the licensing information for all your installed tool packs, as well as for the main TaskCentre product and all other installed modules. You do this by selecting Licensing under the Manage menu.

Installing Tool Packs

Above: The Licensing dialog box opens. This tabulates all the installed licenses. You can view details about each license, enter new licenses and import QSL (license information) files.

Installing tool packs: In summary

A TaskCentre tool pack is a tool that is distributed separately from the main TaskCentre product. This is either because it is the first release of a tool that is intended to be incorporated into the main product at a later date, or because it is a specialist tool and will only be distributed separately.

Tool packs contain their own installers and may have particular installation instructions. When preparing to install a tool pack, you should check its release notes and also see if there are any software compatibility requirements particular to the tool pack.

Once you’ve installed a tool pack, you should check that it appears as expected in TaskCentre.

Tool packs come with a free 30-day trial license. To extend usage beyond this period, you have to purchase a full license. Unlike the main TaskCentre product key, the tool license is a single lifetime purchase.