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Are you looking for flexible, scalable and secure portal software to improve employee access to business information? Or are you looking for a web portal development company to provide you with the portal tools and expertise you need to transform the way your employees, customers and suppliers interact with your business?

Applications Platforms’ portal software provides businesses like yours with the ability to quickly and easily build portal solutions to your exact business requirements. Creating a web portal using our rapid application development platform is a simple point and click exercise making it easy for both technical and non-technical users to build a secure web portal solution.

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Portal Software Overview

Common uses of a company web portal

Whether for your employees, customers or suppliers, our portal software will provide your business with a secure, ‘single view’ of information to meet the requirements of the user. Common web portal examples that our customers have built using Applications Platform include:

  • Self-service portal
  • Employee information portal
  • Ideas portal
  • Help desk portal
  • Supplier portal

Discover a range of prebuit and highlighy customisable customer portals from Codeless Platforms our marketplace.

Achieve more with online portal development

Applications Platform’s quick create wizard provides you with all the tools you need to rapidly build, deploy and manage secure web portal solutions via drag and drop functionality. Features that come as standard include:

  • Embeds into company websites
  • Custom CSS styles
  • Unauthenticated/authenticated users
  • Read/write information
  • Supports high load volumes
  • Point and click configuration

Benefits of using Applications Platforms’ Web Portal Software

  • Provide a scalable IT licensing option
  • Removal of back office administration of data collected ‘off site’
  • Improved decision making with real-time information
  • Stronger customer and supplier relationships and improved communication
  • Flexibility to create additional applications for different departments
  • Support future business expansion
  • Access on desktop and mobile devices regardless of time and location
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Library Applications

Library Applications

Provides direct access to out of the box, ready to use, market proven applications, that can be used straightaway or as a starting point to develop your own customised application(s).

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Rapid deployment

Reduce deployment times by rolling out a pre-built, out of the box solution.

Reconfigurable and customisable

Use a library application as a base to rapidly customise and deploy a 100% fit application.

Profit from expertise

Add applications to the Library for others to use or modify and profit from your contribution.
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